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What you need to know about buying land in Yukos, Kitengela

Yukos, Kitengela is in Kitengela of kajiado county, located about 3 km from Kitengela town. The famous Yukos have the best restaurants in Kitengela with the tastiest’ Nyama Choma’. 

Plots in yukos, Kitengela are mainly sold as;

1. Freehold 

Yukos Kitengela plots come with freehold title deeds.

2. Leasehold 

The plot owners with freehold title deeds can opt to lease their plots to other users.

3. Public 

Milimani primary in Kitengela sits on public land within the Yukos, Kitengela neighborhood.

4. Customary 

Churches are at liberty to purchase land and establish themselves in Yukos, Kitengela.

A quarter-acre of a residential plot in Yukos, Kitengela, is going for Ksh. 2.1 million, with the cheapest going for Ksh. 1.65 million. 

· Research the best real estate selling company in Kitengela; you can consider referrals from friends or another realtor.

· Choose a plot size and location that you are comfortable with.

· Do a thorough investigation of the plot’s title deed; it will help you ascertain the legal owner.

· Make sure land rates are paid; if there are arrears, agree with the seller on settling them.

· Get land maps that clearly show the plot scale and its environs

· Let a certified surveyor compare the map details and the actual plot size to see if they match.

· If everything is okay, apply for the consent of transfer from the LCB (land control board)

· If the consent of transfer is permitted, move ahead with payments.

· Make payments for the stamp of duty

· Ensure the plot is legally transferred to you at the land registry office.

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The Yuko’s estate has a controlled development of single dwellings of 50*100 or 100*100 plots put in gated communities. 

There are various ways to use your plot in Yukos, Kitengela, namely;

1. Commercial 

Kitengela is known for its booming restaurant business. The area’s population is also rising by the day, opening the area to more commercial opportunities. Therefore, plots in Yukos, Kitengela are ideal for commercial purposes such as shops, private schools, etc.

2. Residential 

Yuko’s estate offers a quiet environment with a rural feel which is a perfect attraction for anyone looking for a serene surrounding to build a home. The estate is also under controlled development, which only allows the construction of single-strand homes in gated communities. You can opt to build a house for lease in this area.

3. Speculation 

You can consider buying a plot in yukos, Kitengela, and leave it unused until ready for development. You can also come to sell it later when the prices go high.

· Yuko’s estate has a controlled building that only allows single dwellings, ensuring quality and class.

· The idea of gated communities increases the security level for residents and their properties.

· Yukos, Kitengela is ideal for anyone looking for quiet surroundings; it is a little far from the city noise and pollution.

· The Yukos, Kitengela estate is accessible via the Nairobi- Namanga road and other street pathways that ensure ease when moving within the estate.

· The Yukos, Kitengela plots are all connected with piped water

· The proximity to schools such as bunny house primary and kindergarten, Kitengela international, and other schools make it convenient for young families who need access to educational facilities.

· Kitengela is facing an increase of middle-income earners looking for affordable houses for rent; this is an assurance for tenants if you want to build homes for rent in Yukos, Kitengela.

· The implementation of gated communities and controlled developments have made yukos, Kitengela developers develop more advanced communities you can call ‘Runda in Kitengela.’

· The area is close to social amenities such as Kitengela mall, Naivas supermarket, Kaputei Safariland hotel, etc.

· There are also reputable entertainment facilities nearby, such as Pavillion XV lounge and Halcyon lounge.

· Wi-fi and electricity are also well connected.

Take these essential documents to the Kajiado land registry office. 

· Copies of title deed


· A copy of your ID