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What you need to know about buying land in Witeithie

Witeithie is an area in Thika of Kiambu county which lies about a kilometer away from Thika town. It is one of the densely populated residential estates in Thika, hosting thousands of students from Thika institutes of higher education. 

Witeithie land is classified as follows;

1. Freehold 

Witeithie residents enjoy eternal land ownership since the land is sold with a freehold title deed.

2. Leasehold 

You can opt to lease a plot for a given period which is primarily renewable upon expiry.

3. Customary 

Cooperative societies or companies such as the Witeithie farmers’ limited can own land in the Witeithie area. 

4. Public 

Witeithie has several public spaces, such as the Witeithie markets, Witeithie public facilities, and institutions.

· Get assistance from a well-known realtor company to identify a piece of land that suits your desires.

· Research the rightful owner of the plot you intend to buy; in this case, you must conduct a land search.

· Ensure that the plot land rates are fully settled before the purchase process.

· Buy plot maps and compare them with the actual plot sizes and neighborhoods; make sure they match. You can seek help from a licensed land surveyor in this case.

· Draft a purchase offer if you are satisfied with the findings

· Once you are invited to buy the plot, apply for the consent for transfer from the LCB first.

· If the land control board permits the land transfer, go ahead with your payment plans.

· Pay for the stamp of duty; this is a legal requirement for all landowners. 

· Janu property manangers 

· Amis real estate limited 

· Enjoy properties

· Onward properties limited

· Humuka investments

You can buy any size of plot in Witeithie starting from;

40 by 80, 50 by 80, 50 by 100, 100 by 100, ½ acre, an acre, etc.

Witeithie plots are perfectly fit for;

1. Commercial purposes

Witeithie is a densely populated residential area with two markets places. The area has attracted many business people and companies trying to sell their products and services to the residents. As a result, the demand for commercial housing has been skyrocketing, e.g., shops and storage spaces for the people selling their products on the open-air market.

2. Residential purposes

Witeithie residential area holds the highest population in the Thika region, hosting students, business people, and people working in different sectors in Witeithie. The constant population growth in this area is directly proportional to residential housing competition and demand, thanks to low house rent. Residential real estate investors find Witeithie highly profitable since there is no shortage of tenants. 

3. Speculation purposes

Witeithie is a perfect area to buy a plot for speculation purposes if you have an eye for the real estate business.

· Witeithie has become a commercial gold mine since completing the Nairobi – Thika highway.

· Witeithie plot prices are relatively low considering their location in the heart of the Thika road community surrounded by businesses.

· The area boasts of being the most populated in the Thika region; as a result, you will never run short of tenants once you invest in residential properties in Witeithie.

· The Witeithie area has basic social amenities within reach, such as schools, shopping centers, and health centers. 

· The presence of a police station and administration police camp helps lower the rate of crime in Witeithie.

· Witeithie is supplied with piped water from the Thika Water and Sewerage Company (thiwasco).

· Electricity is readily available 

A 50 by 100 plot ideal for commercial and residential development is going for 2.5 million Kenya shillings, while a purely residential plot in the Witeithie estate will cost around 0.8 million shillings.

Complete your land search process by submitting the following documents to the Kiambu land registry office located in Kiambaa.

· Two copies of the plots title deed

· Your Kenya Revenue Authority PIN

· A copy of your national ID

NB; you will need to present a passport copy if you are a foreigner.