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What you need to know about buying land in Utawala

Utawala is in Nairobi county, Embakasi east constituency, located about 24 km from the central business district. It is situated off the eastern bypass, around twenty minutes drive from the CBD. 

Land in Utawala is classified as,

1. Freehold 

Most plots in Utawala are sold on a freehold title deed.

2. Leasehold 

There are vacant plots for rent in most parts of Utawala.

3. Customary 

Communities such as churches can own parcels of land at will.

4. Public 

Government bodies are free to obtain land in Utawala; e.g., the administration police training college in Utawala sits on government acquired land.

30 by 60 commercial land in Utawala will cost you Ksh. 3.5 million along the eastern bypass, while a sy/8-acre residential plot goes for Ksh. 7 million. These prices are expected to keep skyrocketing with the expansion of the Eastern bypass.

Ø Consider a well-known realtor company to help you find a suitable plot.

Ø Choose a plot that matches your needs, considering the location, size, and price.

Ø Take time to visit the plot location

Ø Supposing you like it, go to land registry offices to conduct a land search; it will help you ascertain the valid owner of the plot.

Ø Check with the office the of Nairobi County government that the plot has no land arrears

Ø Buy land maps showing the plot measurements and its neighborhood.

Ø Let a certified surveyor help you check that the map details match.

Ø Tell your lawyer to draft a letter of offer to buy and negotiate the price

Ø Wait to receive a letter of agreement for sale from your seller’s lawyer.

Ø Seek approval from the land control board after receiving.

Ø Go ahead with the payment process

Ø You will receive consent to transfer from the seller’s lawyer.

Ø Go ahead and pay for stamp duty

Ø Follow up with the office of the land registry and make sure the land is transferred to you

Real estate companies with listings in Utawala include;

Ø Estate hub limited

Ø Geoscape global

Ø Amali properties solution

Ø Regent homes

Ø Santom(K) limited

Ø Pamakars properties

Plot sizes in Utawala start from;

60 by 30, 40 by 80, 50 by 80, 50 by 100, 100 by 100, ½ acre, one acre, etc.

Plots in Utawala are suitable for several uses, such as;

1. Commercial use;

Utawala is served by multiple roads such as the eastern bypass, Kangundo road, Kayole Mihang’o road, etc. The Eastern bypass is still undergoing significant expansion to ease the traffic jam on that road, which will open up more commercial opportunities in Utawala.

2. Residential use

The Utawala population gradually grows with more people building their family homes here. Its accessibility and closeness to Nairobi have also increased the chances of many people moving here for residential housing. It primarily houses middle-income earners; therefore, building one-bedroom, two-bedroom houses, bedsitters, and single-strand homes can be an excellent business idea. You are assured of a good flow of tenants.

3. Speculation 

Utawala is yet to be fully occupied, and there are many areas where you can purchase plots for speculation purposes.

Ø Utawala has a good transport network.

Ø There are well-supplied with water

Ø The administration police training college located here ensures high levels of security.

Ø There are high-performing schools in Utawala.

Ø The plots have a low maintenance cost

Ø It is near Nairobi CBD hence a convenient residential area for the Nairobi workers.

Ø Utawala has a good connection of electricity and Wi-fi.

Ø Service providers such as banks, supermarkets, petrol stations are fully established within Utawala.

Ø There are both private and government health facilities in the Utawala areas.

Ø Most plots are in a community gated setup that ensures higher security levels.

Go to the land registry offices in Nairobi and present the following documents;

Ø Two title deed copies

Ø Your KRA pin

Ø Your identity card copy