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What you need to know about buying land in Thogoto, Kikuyu

Thogoto is a ward in Kikuyu Sub County, Kiambu County. It is accessible via the Thogoto-Gikambura-Mutarakwa road, Thogoto-Ndaire-Dagoretti road, and the Southern Bypass.

Its shopping center is minutes away from the famous Alliance High School, University of Nairobi, Kikuyu campus, and Kikuyu Hospital.

Thogoto Teachers’ College is the most recognizable landmark, which is located about 5 minutes from the shopping center.

Zoning of land in Thogoto has been done as follows:

1. Freehold. You own the plot indefinitely once all land details have been transferred to your name.

2. Public. It is owned by the government. Thirime Primary school is on public land. 

3. Customary.A bigger chunk of land is owned by the Presbyterian Church of Eastern Africa, Kenya. 

4. Forest land. Thogoto Forest lies within the forest land zone.

You can pay a maximum of Ksh 5.5 million for a 40 by 60ft and a 40 by 80ft if you are planning to construct a business premise.

A 50 by 100 goes for between 1.5 and 6 million depending on different factors. Expect to pay up to 12 million for a 100 by 100 ft.

The process is direct to the point.

1.Scout for property sellers.

2.Contact a seller and travel to the field.

3.Check that it exists.

4.Get a copy of the title and perform the search at Kiambu land registry.

5.Visit an advocate and ask for services in printing out a sales agreement.

6.Have the seller and witnesses present to sign the document.

7.Deposit at least 10% of the value of the plot with the advocate.

8. Clear the balance as stipulated in the agreement.

9.Transfer the title details to your name at Ardhi House.

1.Property Are Us

2.Enjoy Properties

3.Pindrop Investment Ltd

4.Amcco Properties Ltd

5.Stawi Asset Management

6.Plots 2 Home Properties, and

7.Dagma Land Investment Ltd

You can get a:

•40 by 60 ft

•40 by 80 ft

•50 by 100 ft

•100 by 100 ft

1. Residential. It allows an investor to set up their residence.

2. Commercial. You can purchase and build bedsitters, single rooms, apartments, and even petrol stations.

Its location is very ideal because of its accessibility. You can use the Southern Bypass to access Ngong Rd, Karen, and Nairobi. The Thogoto-Ndaire-Dagoretti road gives you access to James Gichuru Rd, Westlands, and even Kawangware.

As for schools, Thogoto has the best Kenya has to offer.

•University of Nairobi, Kikuyu campus

•PUEA University

•Thogoto Teachers’ College

•Alliance High School, for boys and girls

•Green Gardens School, and

•Darmacrest Group of Schools.

With the above educational institutions, investing in bedsitters, rental houses, and shops guarantees returns.

The security of Thogoto, Kikuyu is assured by Thogoto Police Station and the Thogoto Chief’s office. Kikuyu Police Station and District Security Command is just 10 minutes away.

Due to its location, you can easily access bigger fresh produce markets at Dagoretti, Ndunyu, which also has several slaughterhouses, and the Kikuyu market, 6.2 kilometers away.

As for hospitals, Thogoto is known to be near the best.

•Kikuyu Hospital Eye Hospital and 

•Kikuyu Orthopedic Unit

For nature lovers, a local organization that organizes excursions to Thogoto Forest calls Thogoto home.

Thogoto is located in Kiambu County. You will have to visit the Kiambu land offices, 50 minutes away to perform a land search. It helps you identify the size, location, and sellers name. 

You will be given the ‘Application for Official Search’ document. Fill it out accordingly.

Carry with you the following:

1.Ksh 500 search fee.

2.Copy of title.

3.Copy of your ID.

The land search may take longer because Kiambu is the county headquarters. So be prepared to receive the results from between one day to a maximum of one week.