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What you need to know about buying land in Thika

Thika is a sub-county in Kiambu County and is located 42 kilometers from Nairobi. It is accessible through Meru-Nairobi and Embu-Nairobi highways.

Trading centers and towns near Thika are; Kandara ,Makuy, Kenol,,Kabati,Ruiru, Juja. Weiteithie and Mangu

Thika town is also one of twelve administrative units in Kiambu County. It should be noted that a larger part of Thika is in Murang’a County.


Land in Thika is mostly freehold and guarantees ownership for eternity. On the other hand, one can also lease land. It is a good idea to check the status of the land so that you don’t buy leasehold land thinking it’s freehold.

Public land hosts government institutions like public schools, police stations, and road reserves to name a few.

Community land exists and it might belong to a farmers’ cooperative, or one of the many gated communities. Be sure to check before purchasing.


The cost of plots becomes affordable in the outskirts of Thika.

1.50×100ft: a minimum of 1.3 million up to 8 million.

2.40×80ft: a minimum of 1.3 million to as high as 5.5 million.

3.0.5 to 1 acre: Between 6.5 million to as high as 18 million.

1.Consult a land agency about the availability of land.

2. Check out their catalog, choose a plot, and ask for a title copy.

3. Purchase maps that show the neighborhood and actual plot from the survey office.

4. Physically check out the land.

5. Do a search at Thika land offices.

6. If you are satisfied, engage your lawyer to have a sales agreement ready.

7. You and the vendor will sign the agreement.

8. Pay an agreed amount and finish up paying the rest before transferring details of the property to your name.

For a start, check the following out:

1. Pro-Property Solutions

2. Franic Villa Properties

3. Unique Listings Limited

4. Axis Assets

5. Mahalo Properties Limited.

Depending on the estate, proximity to the highway, and population, the following are the best ways to utilize your Thika plot.

1. Build your own home.

2. Set up apartments, bedsitters, and mansions to rent out.

3. Hold onto the plot and sell when prices soar.

Thika is among the best towns to invest in Kenya for the following reasons:

1.Presence of main banks. Thika indeed has so many banks and all of them are major players in Kenya’s economy; National Bank, Bank of Africa, Equity Bank, KCB, Eco Bank, Standard Chartered ,Prime Bank ,Diamond Trust Bank, to name a few.

The presence of major banks is an indicator that there is money to be made in Thika.

2. Good schools. The educational institutions in Thika are numerous. Some of them are:

Mount Kenya University, Gretsa University, Thika High School, Thika Garrison Secondary School, Braeburn Imani International School, Thika High School for the Blind, and

Goliba Primary School

3. Well-paved roads. Apart from major highways that pass through Thika town, numerous roads make moving around the town stress-free. These roads are:Charles Rubia Road ,Thika-Mangu Road ,General Kago Road ,Mgoko Road ,Lagos Road andUpper Road

4. There are also plenty of supermarkets to choose from; Naivas, Mathai, Khetias Perkjel, Leen’s Thika Tex and Spring’s Mart

5. Superb medical facilities. Thika hosts several satellite facilities for well-known hospitals. They include: The Mater Hospital, The Karen Hospital, Aga Khan University Hospital and Avenue Hospital

Other hospitals are: Thika Level 5 Hospital, Thika Endoscopy Center, Meridian Medical Center Hospital and Central Memorial Hospital

6. Numerous filling stations. Petrol stations are scattered about town, which means you will be spoilt for choice; Ola Energy, Rubis ,Shell, Total Energies, Delta Service Station, are just a few of these.

7. Food markets. There is a fresh produce market in Thika town. You can also shop in nearby trading centers and towns around Thika.

8. Guaranteed high returns. Because of a larger population drawn from Muranga, Nairobi, and other nearby regions, there is a high return on investment for investors constructing rentals.

Notable areas to invest in are:Thika Makongeni ,Thika Jomoko ,Thika Kiganjo ,Thika Ngoingwa ,Thika Landless andThika Maguguni

9. Security.; Thika Police Station, Kenya Police Divisional Headquarters Thika, Makongeni Police Post, Thika Administration Police and Chief’s camp, and Ngoingwa Police, provide adequate security in the area.

Thika has its own registry, so visit the offices and enquire about the ‘application for the land search process’. As a rule of thumb, carry your identification. And don’t forget Kes 500 for an official land search document.

Have all the patience, bearing in mind that the status of your search will inform your decision on either purchasing or ignoring the land deal.

The wait time can be anywhere between a day and three days.