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What you need to know about buying land in Syokimau

Syokimau is a residential area found in the western part of Machakos county and the southern part of Nairobi county. It is located within the metropolitan area of Nairobi along the busy Mombasa highway.

These are the land categories found in Syokimau, 

1. Freehold 

Most land sellers in Syokimau sell plots with ready title deeds.

2. Leasehold 

There is an option of getting land on leasehold in Syokimau.

3. Customary 

Organizations such as churches have the freedom to buy land in Syokimau.

4. Public 

The ruling government can decide to acquire land in Syokimau, e.g., the SGR railway station sits on public land.

An eighth of a plot in a gated community is going for Ksh. 4.7 million; however, you can find affordable plots in areas like Katani Syokimau.

1. Consult a trusted real estate agent on affordable plots for sale in Syokimau.

2. Once you have settled on a specific parcel of land, inspect its title deed to ensure its valid owner. 

3. Carry out another investigation with the county government to see that land rates are fully paid.

4. Buy maps of the plot size and its surrounding

5. Request your lawyer to prepare a letter of offer and bargain on the price

6. Once you accept the sale agreement, apply for consent to transfer from the commissioner of lands.

7. Move ahead with your payment plan

8. Pay for the stamp duty

9. Ensure that the land transfer is done at the land registry offices.

1. Landmark top solution

2. Stock brick properties

3. Catech properties limited

4. Peaceful and happy homes

5. Seldovatt realtors

6. Merit properties limited

Syokimau land is sold in different sizes, including,

An acre, half-acre, quarter-acre, eighth-acre, etc.

Syokimau plots are useful in numerous ways; the main ones are;

1. Commercial 

Syokimau population gradually increases as more people purchase plots to build family homes. This rising population constantly needs shopping centers, schools, hospitals, and other services. Therefore, the demand for commercial housing is evident.

2. Residential 

Syokimau is known as a residential area housing middle and high-income earners. Although most people are building family homes here, there is also a high demand for houses for rent, especially for the SGR and other factory workers within the locality.

3. Speculation 

You can consider buying a plot for speculation purposes in Syokimau since there is a guaranteed appreciation.

1. Syokimau is accessible via the busy Mombasa highway and the SGR.

2. It is a serene location, away from noise and congestion.

3. The gated community setup offers extra security to the residents

4. Syokimau land prices are pocket friendly with an assurance of appreciation

5. Syokimau has medical facilities such as the Syokimau health center, Agha khan university medical center, and others.

6. Big supermarkets such as the Gateway and Signature malls are fully established in Syokimau.

7. Syokimau is best for school-going kids since it has numerous schools within the area.

8. The gated communities offer a secure playground for children

9. You can avoid the Mombasa road traffic jam using standard gauge railway transport.

10. It is surrounded by several factories and warehouses located along the Mombasa highway, offering a profitable residential investment.

1. Log onto your eCitized account

2. Select the land ministry, housing, and urban development

3. Click on the land search option.

4. Enter the title deed number of the land you intend to purchase

5. Crosscheck details and go ahead with payment

6. Once your payment is received, you can print out your result.