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What you need to know about buying land in Ruiru

Ruiru is a municipality within Kiambu County and is located 24 kilometers by road from Nairobi CBD.

It is the sixth-largest urban center in the country with roads such as the Superhighway and Eastern Bypass serving it.

Notable suburbs within the larger Ruiru include Mwihoko, Kahawa Sukari, and Kahawa Wendani, whereas the towns closest to it are Juja, Kamulu, Kiambu, and Thika

Most of the plots have ready title deeds because they are being sold by reputable real estate companies. The smaller subdivisions ensure that middle-income families get a share of what is dubbed the ‘dormitory of the capital.’

Plots in Ruiru are being sought by investors for various reasons. With its large population that mostly works in the city, investors have acquired plots to build residential houses. Granted, the other buyer use options include the following:

1. Speculation. Ruiru is the next big thing as they say. With two cities within its vicinity, that is Tatu and Northland cities, buying land and letting it increase in value before selling is the in-thing.

2. Residential. Many middle-income families have acquired plots and built their residential homes. This has given them a sense of security because they no longer have to worry about rent.

3. Commercial. Some investors have taken advantage of Ruiru’s population which has surpassed that of Eldoret and Nakuru cities, to set up houses for renting out.

Ruiru is the sixth-largest urban center in Kenya and one of the fastest-growing towns according to a recent census. The other reasons for buying plots in Ruiru are as follows:

1. Plots in Ruiru are quite affordable, making it one of the few Nairobi satellite towns where one can easily buy plots. Due to its large population, one can acquire land for speculation or set up rental houses.

2. Security is beefed up by the presence of Ruiru Police Station and numerous police posts. Additionally, gated communities with guards ensure the safety of investors.

3. The town can be easily accessed because it is located along the Superhighway. It can also be accessed via the Ruiru Eastern Bypass. The distance from Ruiru to Nairobi CBD is only 24 kilometers, which is a journey of between 30- 40 minutes by public transport.

4. Amenities in Ruiru are numerous, which leaves investors spoilt for choice. From primary schools both private and public, to high schools and universities, Ruiru is the best place to currently buy a plot.

  1. The most popular companies that sell land in Ruiru are:

    1. Optiven

    2. Username and

    3. Dana’s Real Estate Ltd

    Others are localized at Ruiru and Include:

    1.Gabka investment

    2. Open Doors Properties Ltd

    3.Ankar Realtors, and

    4. A Squared Products Ltd.

The plot sizes in Ruiru vary depending on the availability and the needs of the buyers. The plots are subdivided as 40ft by 60ft, 40ft by 80ft50ft by 100ft, and lastly 100ft by 100ft.

Ruiru is a sub-county in Kiambu. You can do a physical land search by physically visiting the land registry at thika. The process is simple as outlined below

a)You are provided with a form to fill after paying a Ksh 500 facilitation fee.

b) You are required to have the following when filling out the form:

•Copy of the title deed.

•Copy of KRA PIN certificate.

•Copy of the applicant ID.

•Receipt showing proof of payment.

Three days after filling out and submitting the form, you will receive a stamped certificate showing the status of your search.

The price of plots in Ruiru, as in most urban centers in the country, is dependent on how far the land is from the town and major infrastructure like roads.

Due to the recent inflation, you will be expected to pay between a hundred and fifty thousand and seven hundred thousand more for a plot. For 50 by 100ft, you will pay 2.65 million100 by100ft, you will pay 5.2 million, whereas, for a 40 by 60ft, you will fork out not less than 1 million.

It is good to take note that plots bought for residential purposes fetch a higher price. For a quarter, or 100 by 100ft, you will pay 6.5 million, the same price for a 100 by 100ft plot bought for speculative reasons.

Granted, you can talk with the land company and negotiate on a discount. Most land companies accept flexible plans of up to 12 months.

Buying land in Ruiru has been made easier by the presence of real estate agents. The process is as follows:

1. Identify a reputable real estate agent and enquire about the available plot sizes and the cost.

2. Arrange for a site visit to confirm the existence of the plot. Ask about the payment method and transfer of ownership.

3. Thereafter, do a land search, and if the results are positive, engage the services of a lawyer.

4. The lawyer will help you draw a sale agreement. At this point, only deposit ten percent of the value of the plot.

5. Acquire the land transfer forms from the seller and take these together with the sale agreement, your ID, and KRA PIN to the Lands Ministry to finalize the transfer. The process takes about a fortnight.