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What you need to know about buying land in Ruaka

Ruaka is a sub-county within Kiambu County, 20 minutes from Nairobi’s central business district. To access Ruaka, you need the roads below:

•Northern Bypass

•Nairobi-Limuru Road, and

•Western Bypass

Due to its proximity to the capital city, Ruaka serves as a dormitory to Nairobi. Its closeness to a major highway has seen apartments mushrooming.

Towns and trading centers near Ruaka are:





•Gigiri, and


The land is zoned as follows:

1. Freehold.

2. Leasehold

3. Public


Before purchasing plots, confirm the status of land at the land registry in Kiambu town.

Since Ruaka is growing at a high rate due to its location, plots are a bit on the high end. The following are the price guidelines depending on whether it’s residential or commercial. 

A 50 by 100ft costs between 5 million and 16 million. On the other hand, a 100 by 100ft costs 45 million at the highest end and 12 million on the lowest end.

For a 100 by 70ft, the cost is between 4.5 million and 5 million. 

For a seamless process, follow what is outlined below.

1. Site visit. Locate beacons, and check on the size, and actual boundaries.

2. Official search. Fill in the search application documents before attaching the title.

3. Visit county offices. Check unpaid rates which should be deducted from the purchase price.

4. Sign a sales agreement drawn up by the vendor’s lawyer or your own.

5. Prepare official documents. Ask the vendor for the following which will ensure a smooth transfer of land.

•Original title in vendor’s name.

•Transfer forms with a seal if you are purchasing from a realtor.

•Copy of vendor’s Identification and KRA.

•Copy of company’s registration certificate.

•Land Control Board consent form.

•3 passport photos of a vendor, or 3 passports for two directors of a company.

1. Durian Property Consult Limited

2. Scoreline Consult

3. Levindia Properties

4. Marketing Masters Limited

5. Destiny Homes Management Limited

6. Austine Realtors Limited

7. Gitman Estate Agency

You can either buy land to construct a home, invest in real estate which is common in Ruaka, or for speculative purposes.

Apartments for rentals, vacation homes, or Airbnb seem to be one of the best ways to invest.

Ruaka was ranked top in terms of land appreciation in 2020.

Ruaka is one of the best investment options for anyone desiring good returns on their investment.

1. Location. It is just 20 minutes from Nairobi CBD. You can work in Nairobi and reside in Ruaka. 

2. Good roads. Ruaka is linked with the Northern Bypass and the Western Bypass. These roads have added value to parcels of land in Ruaka. Other roads that make Ruaka accessible are:

•Red Hill Road

•Gituamba Gachie Road

•Ruaka Hill Road

•Rosslyn Slaughter Road

3. Education. Ruaka has educational institutions you can rely on. These are:

•Gacharage School

•Kingsmead School

•Simmoga Valley Primary School, and

•Little Sprouts Montessori School

4. Security. The Ruaka police Post and Ruaka Police Station guarantee the security of neighborhoods in the area.

5. Numerous service industries. Ruaka has petrol stations, hotels, convenient stores, and supermarkets. Examples of these are:

•Joyland Supermarket


•Total Service Station

•OLA. Energy

•Delta Service Station

•Pepino’s Pizza, and

•Urban fries, to mention a few.

6. Proximity to markets. If you are shopping for fresh produce, Ruaka food market and Gachie market are nearby.

7. Medical facilities. We have:

•St Peters and Ann Medical Center

•Kihara Level 4 Hospital

•Oasis Health Specialty Hospital

•Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital, and

•MP Shah


You need to travel to Kiambu town Ministry of Lands and planning offices, twenty minutes away from Ruaka. You will have to pay ksh 500 to purchase an official search document.

Fill the document accurately before attaching a copy of the title. It takes a maximum of three days to get the results.

Common plot sizes in Ruaka are:

•50×100ft, and


•1 acre

However, in rare cases, you can find a 100×70ft.