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What you need to know about buying land in Nyari, Nairobi

Nyali is an expensive Nairobi suburb, 12 kilometers from the CBD and 16 kilometers from Wilson Airport. The suburb is built of elegantly furnished townhouses, villas, and maisonettes.

The closest estates are: Kitisuru, Rosslyn, Gachie, Muthaiga, Parklands, Runda and Ruaka

Roads that make Nyari accessible include: Waiyaki Way, Red Hill and Robins Drive

Nyari is ranked in the league of RundaMuthaigaRidgewaysGigiri, and Riverside as the most expensive estate to live in. This is because it is favored by diplomats who work either in Nyari itself, or surrounding areas.

It is surrounded by embassies of Angola, Botswana, Switzerland, Poland, and the United States.

Nyari plots are on freehold title deeds, which enables an investor to own the parcel for an unlimited period of time.

Forest land is there and includes Karura and Sigiria forests. Be sure to conduct land searches before buying any plots.

Gated communities are built on community land and are owned by controlled development companies.

Plots in Nyari are a bit on the high-end. The following are price guidelines.

1.0.5 and 0.51acres have a quotation that starts from 55 million to 60 million.

2.0.8 acres has a quotation starting from between 70 to 75million.

3.1 acre starts anywhere from between 100 to 120 million.

1. Search online for reputable companies dealing in Nyari real estate.

2. visit them and arrange for the site visit.

3. Confirm that the original title exists and ask for a copy to do the land search.

4. Purchase two maps from the survey office that show the location of the plot and the neighboring estates.

5. Scout for a surveyor and ask for their opinion on whether the maps and the plot match.

6. Hire a reputable law firm to draft an agreement between you and the vendor.

7. Pay the law firm a fraction of the plot value.

8. Appear before LCB to get a consent letter to proceed with the transaction.

9. Transfer title details to your name after paying the full amount.

1. Coral Property International Limited

2. Pam Holdings Properties

3. Y & C Real Estate

4. Cura International Limited

5. Jubilee Real Estate

6. Simkar Group Limited

7. Bridgeway Real Estate Agency.

Plot sizes in Nyari are:

1.0.5 acres

2. 0.51acres

3.0.8 acres, and

4. 1 acre

Nyari plots are mostly for setting up residential houses. The environment is serene with controlled developments.

Investors are also putting up commercial buildings like maisonettes, Villas, and townhouses which they later sell.

Lastly, Nyari plots can be used to set up hotels and resorts to cater to the high ex-pat population. They are also used for speculative purposes because of the rising demand fuelled by Nyari’s strategic location.

1. Security. Nyari is surrounded by security, including the Diplomatic Police Department based at Gigiri. Other nearby police stations are: Nyari Police Station, Gigiri Police Station, Parklands Police Station, Spring Valley Police Station, Runda Police Station to mention a few. 

2. Learning institutions. There are plenty of good schools, mostly international ones to cater to the large ex-pat families. Examples are: Hospital Hill High School, School of the Nations, Montessori Primary School, International School of Kenya, Creche International, Durham International, Waridi School, Boma Home School and Cottingshire International 

3. Medical facilities. The presence of good medical facilities assured residents of their health. Some of these facilities are: Nairobi Adventist Hospital, Oasis Health Speciality Hospital, M.P Shah Hospital, The Nairobi Hospital Outpatient Center, Kitisuru Hospital, Shree Jalaram Hospital and Avenue Hospital

4. Financial institutions. Banks have branches at Nyari. They include: NIC Bank, NCBA Warwick, Co-operative and KCB, among others.

5. Tarmacked roads. Movement is eased by good roads in and around Gigiri. Apart from Red Hill, Waiyaki Way, and Robins Drive, the following roads make Nyari accessible; Kirawa, Ngecha Road, LSK Road, Egrets Drive Road and Thigiri Ridge Road

6. Proximity to good hotels. For relaxation, several hotels are available to choose from; Hotel Veecam, Kitisuru Manor, Inks Hotel, Nyari Family Villa, The Imperial Palace,The Grand Regency, to name a few.

7. Strategic location. Nyari is not only next to good roads, but also it is near two airports. Wilson and JKIA are just 12 and 35 kilometers away from Nyari.

The process requires you to have an Ecitizen account.

1. Sign in to your Ecitizen account.

2. On the dashboard, scroll to ‘Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning ’. It’s number ten on the list.

3. Click on ‘Get services’.

4. The link will take you to the online land search form.

5. Fill in the details accurately.

6. Submit the form.

7. Pay using Mpesa, or your ATM.

8. You will get the results after 5 or 10 minutes.