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What you need to know about buying land in Nyahururu

Nyahururu is an economic powerhouse located in Laikipia County. It is connected by good roads to Nairobi, Nyeri, Nakuru, and Nyandarua, the latter two being food baskets.

Towns and trading centers closest to it are Shamenei, Gwa Kungu, Muthengera, and Karandi. Due to its location, it’s also near Ol joro Orok and Ndogino in Nyandarau, and Subukia in Nakuru County.

Major roads connecting Nyahururu are Nairobi-Nyahururu road via Gilgil, Nakuru-Nyahururu road, Nyahururu-Nyeri road, and Nyahururu-Nanyuki road via Rumuruti

Plots in Nyahururu are freehold, which means once you acquire, it’s yours for an indefinite period of time.

Expect to pay at least 2 million for a plot in the town itself. Interestingly, as you move away from the town, prices gradually decrease and can go to as little as Ksh 100, 000.

Gated communities’ prices are also quite affordable. Expect to pay from ksh 500, 000 to acquire plots with different social amenities within its vicinity.

The first thing you do is to organize a site visit, whether you are buying land directly from the seller, or real estate companies. You can then follow the following steps:

1. Ask the seller for a copy of the title deed to help you do a land search.

2. If the land doesn’t have any pending rates, a mortgage taken against it, or any other encumbrance, contact a lawyer.

3. A lawyer will draw up a sales agreement between you and the buyer. Later, deposit 10 % of the plot’s value with your lawyer.

4. You and the seller, together with your witnesses will sign the document.

5. After paying the rest of the amount, visit Ardhi House with a copy of your ID, KRA PIN certificate, and sales agreement to transfer your details to the title deed.

  1. The following companies sell plots in Nyahururu:


    2. Amali Properties Agency.

    3. Kingsway Agency Ltd.

    4.Sifa Estate Ltd.

    5. Olivestar Company.

    6. Akurino Farmers Co Ltd.

    7. Tyson’s Limited.

    8. Gitahi Realty.

    9. Soil Merchants (K) Limited.

    10.Mawega Properties Ltd.

  • The most common plot sizes are 50 by 100ft and 100 by 100ft. However, in the town center itself, there are no plot sizes smaller than 50 by 100 ft.

Most plot buyers in Nyahururu use it to set up their own residential homes. Others set up business premises to cater to a larger population that has been on the increase since 2009.

With its cool climate, investors have been drawn to Nyahururu for agricultural reasons. Greenhouse farming is the in-thing and so plot sizes as little as 50 by 100ft, and 100 by 100ft are enough.

Having very affordable plots especially as you move away from Nyahururu town has motivated buyers to purchase and hold onto plots with a view of selling them when prices go up.

Nyahururu is an agricultural powerhouse in the country, especially with regard to maize and potato farming. Granted, some investors are setting up greenhouses to produce flowers and other agricultural produce for export.

Nyahururu also has good infrastructure in terms of all-weather roads, water, and electricity. With the presence of major financial institutions, Nyahururu is a magnet for serious investors.

It’s endowed with good schools including Laikipia University, Nyahururu Elite, and Nyahururu Boys’ High. Kenya Institute of Management also calls the place home.

Land in Nyahururu is very affordable. Any investor willing to buy and invest in a plot can think about agriculture, especially livestock farming, horticulture and milk processing which have not been fully exploited.

Land searches are done at the Nyahururu Subcounty land registry. It takes at most a day and a Ksh 500 fee is charged. The process is as follows:

1. You are required to fill out a form with your details and the details of the plot you are searching for.

2. You will be asked to wait as the search is undertaken.

3. When the results are ready, you will get a stamped certificate that shows the status of the plot.