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What you need to know about buying land in Njoro

Njoro is a town in Nakuru County located approximately 20km from Nakuru town. It sits between the east side of the Mau forest (the largest single forest block in Kenya) and the lake Nakuru national park.



Njoro land is categorized following Kenya’s land tenure system, which classifies land as;

1. Freehold 

Plot sellers in Njoro have a ready freehold title deed for buyers. 

2. Leasehold 

There are land parcels for lease in Njoro; you can secure one by visiting a real estate agent dealing with the plot for lease or directly from a landowner. 

3. Customary 

Companies like Diary train, Rami flora, Arusha Sundries Ltd, etc., are permitted to own land in Njoro. 

4. Public 

The central or county governments or other government departments can own parcels of land in Njoro. For example, the central government of Kenya owns the Agricultural Finance Corporation (AFC). 

Plots prices in Njoro areas are determined by their location on roads, shopping centers, and other social amenities. A 50*100 residential plot costs Ksh. 0.6 Million or more, while an equal size of a commercial plot goes for Ksh. 3.5 million.

· Consider a realtor in the Njoro area to help find a suitable plot

· Once you find a perfect plot for you, inspect its title deed to ascertain its legal owner.

· Ensure that there are no pending rates before purchase. 

· Purchase a land map that shows the plot size and its environs 

· Ensure the plot map match the plot on the ground; you will need to hire a surveyor in this case. 

· If everything seems okay, start the purchase process by sending a purchase offer to the selling company.

· If they accept your offer and invite you for the purchase, ensure the land commissioner permits the sale. You will need to apply for consent for transfer in this case.

· Proceed to your payment arrangements

· Perform your legal responsibility by paying for the stamp duty

· Username investment limited

· Forest road agency

· Damka properties

· Ngotho commercial agencies limited

There are plenty of plots for sale in Njoro, e.g.

A one-acre, half an acre, quarter an acre, eighth acre, 50*80, 40*80, etc

Njoro is a productive land that is perfect for the following uses.

1. Commercial 

Njoro hosts multiple private and public companies, such as the Kenana, Watoto, and Alani gardens. The existence of these companies opens up more commercial opportunities such as shops, salons, spas, hotels, etc. 

2. Residential 

Many companies and institutes located in Njoro lead to the rapid population growth as many people come here in search of employment. Therefore, there is a need for residential units to house the increasing number of residents. Building a rental building would yield good returns in this area. 

3. Speculation 

Njoro areas are yet to be fully developed, and the plot prices are still affordable. Buying plots for speculative reasons can be a brilliant move. 

· A good roads network serves Njoro, one being the Nairobi- Kisumu road

· Njoro plots for sale are affordable considering their location 

· Njoro hosts Egerton university, one of the oldest universities in Kenya

· Njoro has public and private schools such as Ndege primary school, Njoro boys and Girls high schools, etc.

· Njoro climate is best for agricultural activities such as wheat, barley, and vegetable farming.

· The climate is also best for poultry and dairy farming

· The presence of agriculture in Njoro makes it an ideal area to start agricultural-based processing companies. 

· Ngoro’s growing population is best for business and residential housing investments. 

· Njoro produces most of its foods from within, such as vegetables, milk, wheat, etc. And that makes the cost of living relatively low.

· The area has numerous commercial activities that are a source of income for the residents. As a result, Njoro residents lead an above-average lifestyle.

Send the following document to the Nakuru registry offices at the Nakuru Ardhi house.

· Title deed- 2 copies

· Buyers KRA PIN

· Buyer’s ID card copy.