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What you need to know about buying land in Njoro, Nakuru

Njoro is located in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya, about 186 kilometers northwest of Nairobi. The town is also 18 kilometers away from Nakuru town.

There are several plot sizes available for sale in Njoro, Nakuru. Some of them include;

50 by 100, 100 by 100, and 200 by 200.


The buyer use options available in Njoro, Nakuru include; 

· Residential-This is for people who want to use the land for housing purposes. 

· Commercial-This is for people who want to use the land for commercial purposes such as businesses or industry. 

· Speculation-This is for people who want to buy the land with the intention of selling it at a higher price in the future.

There are several reasons why one should consider purchasing a piece of land in Njoro, Nakuru. Some of them include; 

· The area has a good climate with average temperatures of 23 degrees Celsius. 

· The area receives about 1,020 millimeters of rainfall annually which is ideal for agriculture. 

· The area is well-developed with good infrastructures such as good roads, water, and electricity. 

· The area is close to Nakuru town which has all the amenities of a modern town. 

· The prices of land in the area are still relatively affordable when compared to other areas such as Nairobi.

· To conduct a land search of a plot in Njoro, Nakuru, one can visit the lands office in Nakuru town. The office has a database of all the registered plots in the area and only requires you to make an application for a land search.

· Once applied, one is expected to pay a fee of 500kshs and wait for a minimum of 3 days for the final results to be out.

One can also do an online search by following the steps below;

· Sign in/Sign up for the Ecitizen government services portal

· Click on the Lands ministry tab.

· Enter the details of the plot you are interested in.

· Pay the required fee of 500 kshs

· Wait for the results

The average rainfall in the area is about 1,020 millimeters and the average temperature is about 23 degrees Celsius.

In Njoro, Nakuru, the land categories available include; 

· Freehold-This is where the owner has full rights to the land and it can be sold, leased, or mortgaged. 

· Leasehold-This is where the owner has limited rights to the land for a specific duration of time as agreed upon by both parties. 

· Customary-This is where the land is held under customary law which usually favors the original inhabitants of the land. 

· Public-This is where the land belongs to the government or a parastatal organization.

The average cost of a 50 by 100 piece of land in Njoro, Nakuru is about KES 560,000-KES 700,000. However, the prices may vary depending on the specific location of the piece of land i.e. proximity to the town center, availability of utilities such as water and electricity, etc.

The process that a potential buyer should follow to acquire a piece of land in Njoro, Nakuru is as follows; 

· Identify a trusted real estate agent who can help you find the right piece of land. 

· View the available plots and select the one that you are interested in. 

· Make an offer and negotiate the price with the seller. 

· Sign a sale agreement and pay the required deposit. 

· Get the title deed transferred into your name. 

· Enjoy your new piece of land

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