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What you need to know about buying land in Ngong

Ngong town is located in Kajiado County along the Great Rift Valley. It is at the foot of the famous Ngong Hills and neighbors Nairobi to the South West. 

Land categories in Ngong are both on leasehold and freehold depending on the proximity to the town. Those in the municipality region get leasehold title deeds eligible to annual land rates. Those outside the municipality have freehold title deeds

Plots around Ngong town can cost as low as Ksh. 450, 000 for 1/8 th acre and as high as over 20 million shillings depending on proximity to the town and other infrastructure. 

The Land buying process in most places in the country is similar; Ngong is no exception

1. Identify reputable company to sell land in this area and establish the plots they have. Choose one that meets your needs in terms of purpose, amenities and other factors considered.

2. Conduct land search either online or manually in the land registry offices. If the plot belongs within the county’s jurisdiction, do a search in the county offices to know if there are accrued land rates

3. Obtain a land map that will help you in identifying the location and size of the plot in question

4. If all is well, get an advocate to help you draw the sale agreement

5. If the land is outside the municipality, get consent for transfer of ownership from the Land Control Board

6. Pay stamp duty of a maximum 4% of the property value

7. When all payment is done, ensure that the title deed is transferred to your name

Many land selling companies have penetrated the Ngong market with popular ones including:

1. Username properties

2. Optiven Group

3. Olive Limited

4. Crayven

5. Ngong Hills Agency among others

While Ngong is found in a vast county, plots around the town are sub-divided to friendly sizes. These are 50 by 100 and 100 by 100. You can also get ½ acre plots further away from the town. 

Different individuals buy plots in Ngong to put into uses such as

1. Residential use

Ngong is easily accessible from the Nairobi CBD, making it an ideal place to settle for people commuting to Nairobi and the surrounding areas. Most individuals looking to buy plots here intend to use them for this purpose

2. Commercial use

With the rising population in Ngong town, you can buy plots here to put into commercial use

3. Speculation

People who bought land in Ngong some years back are now reaping the benefits due to the risen prices. Ngong still has a lot of potential, hence attracting buyers who intend to sell the plots in the future.

1. Ngong town is only 40 minutes’ drive away from Nairobi CBD 

2. The plots here are fairly affordable, prices averaging at Ksh. 1 million for 50 by 100 parcel

3. There is great infrastructure including the Ngong-Suswa tarmac road, SGR station and the expansive Ngong road 

4. Ngong is recording tremendous growth with many people choosing to reside here

5. It is a tourist destination with sites such as Ngong Hills and the Nairobi National park among others being close by

6. Access to crucial yet standard amenities such as schools, hospitals, malls and the like.

7. The climate in Ngong is favorable throughout the year and offers an ideal altitude for athletic training camps

Land search process in Ngong is digital but you can also access the official land search certificate manually by visiting the land registry offices with a copy of the plot’s title deed and of your id card.

For the online land search,

1. Create/ Log in to your e-citizen

2. In the Ministry of land and planning option, select “Land search”

3. Avail the title and id number and complete the land search form

4. Confirm the correctness of the details then submit

5. Select your preferred payment method e.g. M-pesa or credit or debit card 

6. Proceed to print the results for your official land search certificate