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What you need to know about buying land in Ngoingwa ,Thika

Ngoingwa is an estate in Thika of Kiambu county located along Nairobi – Thika road around 43km from Nairobi and 7km from Thika. 

Ngoingwa land is classified as follows;

1. Freehold 

Plots for sale in Ngoingwa Thika have freehold title deeds to allow buyers to enjoy infinite land ownership.

2. Leasehold 

Some realtor companies and plot owners with freehold land ownership can opt to let their plots on leasehold.

3. Customary 

Companies, organizations, and community groups are allowed to buy and own land in Ngoingwa, Thika. An example is a disputed piece of land owned by a land-buying company called Ngoingwa company limited. 

4. Public 

There are public spaces in Ngoingwa Thika; unfortunately, most of them are being grabbed by unscrupulous people. 

A residential plot for sale measuring 50*80 in Ngoingwa Thika is going for Ksh. 1.9M. The equivalent size fit for commercial purposes costs Ksh. 3.7M or more.

· Identify a trustworthy realtor to help you find a plot.

· Once you identify a suitable plot, investigate its title deed to ensure that you are dealing with its legal owner.

· Ensure that the land rates are fully paid before the purchase

· Find land maps that show the plot size and the surrounding areas; it is prudent to seek assistance from a registered surveyor.

· Once you feel everything is legit, send an offer to the realtor you are dealing with, and you can also bargain on the price.

· If your offer is considered, apply for consent for transfer from office of the LCB( land control board)

· Once the LCB authorizes the sale, you can proceed with the payment arrangement.

· Kindly Pay for the stamp duty as it is your legal duty.

· Username investment limited

· Enjoy properties

· Angaza real estate limited

· Gredico properties Africa limited

  • Ngoingwa, Thika has the following sizes of plots for sale;

    One acre, half an acre, quarter an acre, eighth an acre, 40*90,50*90, etc

Ngongwa plots buyers enjoy the following land uses:

1. Commercial uses

Ngoingwa Thika as an estate has several commercial opportunities, from shops, hotels, supermarkets, etc. Most people coming to do business in this area do not have plots of their own, and that is an opportunity to build a commercial building for rent. 

2. Residential uses

Ngoingwa Thika lies strategically along the busy Nairobi- Thika highway, convenient for Nairobi and Thika workers. The area’s environment is also fit for building a family house since it is away from urban pollution and noise. You can choose to create a residential house for rent or build a family home here.

3. Speculation purposes

Ngoingwa Thika is a gold mine that every investor is rushing to grab a piece. Those who do not want to lose the opportunity in this prestigious locality should consider buying a plot now that they are still available and affordable and develop later when ready.

· Ngoingwa neighborhoods are filled with luxurious homes making it an excellent option for anyone looking for a prestigious dwelling.

· The area is accessible by roads such as the Nairobi – Thika road, aided by weather roads for ease of movement within the estate.

· The area is characterized by single-strand homes perfect for those who appreciate privacy. 

· Ngoingwa Thika has schools such as St gorges academy, St gorges academy primary school, etc.

· Ngoingwa Thika has a business center from within with shopping malls, banks, health centers, restaurants, etc.

· Ngoingwa is adequately supplied with water by the Thika Water and Sewerage Company( Thiwasco)

· The area has enough power supply from Kenya Power and Lighting Company

To perform a land search for Ngoingwa plots, visit the land registry office in Thika carrying these documents;

· The plots title deed

· Your KRA PIN

· Your ID card photocopy