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What you need to know about buying land in Nanyuki

Nanyuki is a town found in Laikipia County on the slopes of Mt. Kenya and along the Equator. It shares borders with Meru and Nyeri counties. 

Land in Nanyuki is categorized depending on whether it is within or outside the municipality.

1. Freehold 

Plots outside Nanyuki municipality are issued with freehold title deeds

2. Leasehold

Plots within Nanyuki municipality come with leasehold title deeds

Residential plots in Nanyuki are available in as far as 20kms from town and as close as a kilometer away. 

Their prices therefore vary with proximity to Nanyuki town, ranging from Ksh. 300, 000 to over Ksh. 3,000,000 for a 50 by 100 plot. 

There are a few commercial plots along the highway and in fast growing shopping centers. Again, their prices depend on factors such as proximity to the highway and Nanyuki town.

 These prices range from Ksh. 600, 000 to several millions for a 50 by 100 parcel. 

1.Identify a renowned agent or land selling company within Nanyuki. These agents range from individuals with private offices to advocates within the town. You can choose companies and agents from Hauzisha as well, with details of what you are looking for.

2. Once you establish land that matches your needs, contact the company or agent to schedule a site visit. 

3. If you are pleased with the land, you can go ahead and enquire information such as payment options and the plot transfer details.

4. If you receive satisfactory answers regarding the land you are interested in, conduct a land search to establish current and previous ownership details and any charges

5. If the plot is on leasehold, visit the county land registry to enquire on any accrued rates (the rates should be up to date)

6. If you are satisfied with the results, find a dependable advocate to help draft a sales agreement (including the terms of payment, duration, payment breakdown, breach clause etc)

7. When you meet the agreed terms of payment, apply for transfer of land ownership (title) to your name. You will incur a stamp duty cost.

Note: The buying process may vary depending on the seller (individual or company). Seeking legal counsel may come in handy

Some of the popular land selling companies in Nanyuki include:

1. Imara Lands Investment Ltd

2. AMG Realtors

3. RICCO homes and Developers

4. Nanyuki Properties 

5. Golden Green Properties 

Plots available for sale in Nanyuki come in different sizes. These include ½ acre, 100 by 100, 50 by 100 (the most common), and 40 by 80. 

Once you buy land in Nanyuki, you can use it for:

1. Commercial purposes

Nanyuki is fast growing, with more tarmac roads, budding shopping centers and other infrastructure being recorded. Plots in these areas are ideal for commercial development.

2. Residential purposes

While in the past gated communities were minimal in Nanyuki, they have fast-risen in the surrounding areas. Plots are available in these suburbs for gated communities or individual residence.

3. Speculation

The tremendous growth of Nanyuki in the recent years has attracted a number of buyers are speculating its even greater potential in the future. This comes when the Great Northern by-pass is under consideration.

1. The plots in Nanyuki are relatively affordable

2. It is one of the safest towns in Kenya, surrounded by British and local military camps

3. It is a tourist destination with beautiful sceneries, views (It is sandwiched by Mt. Kenya, Loldaiga Hills and Aberdare Ranges) and numerous wildlife conservancies. 

4. Nanyuki is located in Laikipia county which was voted the county with the highest life expectancy of 72 years

5. The weather is conducive for people of different ages

6. Nanyuki is an ideal place to build your retirement home if you are looking for a serene environment 

Before conducting a land search, ensure that you have these documents: 2 copies of title deed of land in question, pin certificate and copy of id

1. Present the documents at the land registry office in lakipia

2. The documents are received and stamped (you remain with one copy of title deed)

3. Wait for 14 days to receive the certificate of official search

NB: The process is free