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What you need to know about buying land in Nakuru

Nakuru is a town in the west-central part of Kenya and the capital of Nakuru County. It is the fourth-largest urban center in Kenya, located about 153 km northwest of Nairobi.

Nakuru land is categorized as,

1. Freehold 

Most parts of Nakuru sell plots with freehold title deeds.

2. Leasehold 

There are vacant plots for rent in Nakuru.

3. Customary 

Groups or companies are allowed to purchase land in Nakuru. Examples are the real estate companies that acquire land and subdivide it further for sale.

4. Public 

The county authority of Nakuru has the freedom to buy land for the benefit of its citizens. e.g., the Nakuru cemeteries were acquired due to residents who complained of fear of the dead.


50 by 100 residential plots in Nakuru range from Ksh. 0.6 million while an equal size commercial land costs over Ksh. 10 million. The price of land is expected to go higher in Nakuru; this is because the area is attracting more investors each day.

Ø Find a good company that sells plots in Nakuru

Ø Once you identify a suitable plot that satisfies your needs, proceed to title inspection and pending land rate. You will have to conduct two land searches, one at the land registry to ascertain the valid landowner and the other at the county government offices to check pending arrears.

Ø Purchase land maps that show the plot measurement and the surrounding

Ø If the results so far please you, allow your lawyer to prepare an offer.

Ø If your offer is accepted, the seller’s advocate will present a sale agreement to your lawyer.

Ø Go ahead with payment plans.

Ø Request consent to transfer from the land commissioner.

Ø Once the consent is granted, proceed to the payment of stamp duty.

Ø Move to the transfer registration; at this point, the plot ownership legally changes hands.

The following are some of the companies selling land in Nakuru.

Ø Sharp real estate

Ø Visionary commercial agencies

Ø Kenya real homes

Ø Rayden international

Plots for sale in Nakuru come in different sizes which include;

One acre. 0.5 acre, 0.25 acre, 0.125 acre, 40 by 80, 50 by 80, etc.

Land in Nakuru is fit for;

1. Commercial purposes

Nakuru is a cosmopolitan town that hosts all Kenyan tribes plus foreigners. It is strategically located on the Nairobi – Malaba highway in western parts of Kenya, making it an excellent stopover for travelers. It is also known for its tourist attraction sites, such as Lake Nakuru, making it a pretty busy commercial center.

2. Residential purposes

Nakuru is the largest urban center in the rift valley regions, with a population of over 0.41 million people in its metro areas. This large population needs residential areas, making it ideal for residential housing investments.

3. Speculation 

The land sector has recorded a significant percentage of appreciation in recent years. Anyone experienced or willing to venture into real estate can bet that Nakuru is a perfect spot for land speculation.

Check out why everyone with an eye for real estate investment should grab a plot in Nakuru.

Ø Nakuru’s strategic position in the busy Nairobi- Malaba highway makes it enjoy incredible infrastructure growth.

Ø It is one of the fastest-growing urban centers in East Africa, which is suitable for businesses

Ø It is the 2nd wealthiest county in Kenya which means it has the potential for prosperity.

Ø It has a high land appreciation, which is suitable for land speculation

Ø Nakuru currently has affordable plots 

Ø It is best for building a family home

Ø Nakuru has major attractions sites; among them is Lake Pink.

Ø Its climate condition is perfect for agriculture.

Ø Nakuru has more agricultural products from within, making the cost of living a little low

Ø It hosts big international schools, such as the Mustard seed school.

Ø Big companies such as Menengai originate from here, which opened more job opportunities for residents.

Take the following documents to the Nakuru registry offices at the Nakuru Ardhi house;

Ø Title deed- 2 copies

Ø Your Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) pin

Ø A photocopy of your ID card.

NB; Nakuru has an option of online land search.