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What you need to know about buying land in Nakuru,Kiti

Kiti is a small trading center that acquired its name from the Kenya Industrial Training Institute in the area. It is located 5.2 kilometers from Nakuru CBD along the Nakuru-Solai road. It’s a distance of about 11 minutes to the CBD.

The trading center borders Wanyororo B, Bahati, Mairu Kumi, and Bondeni estates.


Plots in Kiti are on leasehold which allows the buyer to own the said plot for 99 years. The Kiti area is categorized as Block 17 at the Ministry of Lands.

The smallest plot sizes in Kiti are 50 by 100 ft and 100 by 100 ft. 

To buy a plot in Kiti, you need to approach a reputable real estate company in Nakuru. It should be noted, however, that because Kiti is a hot cake, finding a parcel of land might not be easy.

Assuming you are buying land directly from the owner, follow the following process:

1. Organize a site visit to confirm that the land exists.

2. Ask the seller for a copy of the title deed to do a land search at the Ministry of Lands in Nakuru CBD. The search will cost 500/=.

3. Once you are satisfied with the results, which will likely show the land is leasehold, go ahead to find a lawyer.

The land search will also show:

•Whether the plot had a loan taken on it.

•The owner of the leasehold plot.

•Rates accrued.

•The number of years remaining for the lease to elapse.

If there are any amounts of money to be paid, it is the responsibility of the seller to do so.

4. The lawyer will draw up a sale agreement for you. The seller with his/her witness and you together with your witness will sign the document.

5. Deposit with your lawyer 10% of the value of the plot. Clear the remaining amount as per the agreement.

6. To finally transfer all the details of the plot to your name, visit Ardhi House with copies of the sale agreement, ID, KRA PIN, and any other document signed between you and the seller.

Major companies with a footprint in Kiti are mostly in Nakuru CBD. They include the following:

1. Regent Realtors

2. Focus Management Ltd

3. Twinster Commercial Agencies

4. Kenya Land Alliance

5.Shadiko Agency Services

6. Damka Properties

7. Ocra Realtors

8. Unilever Kenya Ltd

A localized company Plot-Wapi Consultant is well known, for helping investors find ready plots and even houses to rent or lease.

The price for a 50by 100ft plot is between 7million to 7.6 million. That said, you can negotiate with the seller, assuming you are buying it directly from them.

Depending on the distance from the plot to the main road and the trading center, prices can be as low as 2 million and go on increasing up to a maximum of 7.6 million.

Plots at Kiti Teachers, Kiti Milimani Area, Kiti Bismarck, and Kiti White House are hot cakes for investors who are keen on setting up residential houses for rent and commercial houses.

Investors in Kiti mostly buy land to set up residential houses to cater to the students and staff at Kiti institute. Also, because of its proximity to Nakuru town, those working in Nakuru CBD reside there.

Of interest is the fact that sellers are selling plots with some having already built structures to cash in on demand for housing and the popularity of the area.

Commercial businesses are also on the rise in the area with different businesses being put up to serve an increasing population.

Kiti is in Nakuru county which means you have to visit the land offices at Nakuru to do your land search. However, if you are purchasing land directly from a real estate company, you have your work cut out as they do the process themselves.

What you need for the land search is a copy of your ID, title deed and 500 hundred shillings then visit the land offices.

2. You will be asked to fill out a form with the correct details on the plot you are interested in.

3. Land searches in Nakuru take a few hours, or even a whole working day, depending on the visitor traffic.

4. You will receive a stamped official certificate showing the status of the land search.