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What you need to know about buying land in Mzee wa Nyama,Nakuru

It’s about 15 kilometers from Nakuru Airport at Lanet Military Barracks which will be completed in August 2022.

Mzee Wa Nyama is a small trading center in Nakuru East about 46 kilometers from Nakuru’s CBD. It lies along the Nakuru-Nairobi highway.

The nearest trading centers to Mzee Wa Nyama are Lanet, Elementaita, Pipeline, and Nyonjoro. It’s also located quite close to both Lake Nakuru National Park and Lake Elementaita.


Land sizes in Mzee Wa Nyama are mostly freehold which can be owned by an individual or a group of people indefinitely.

Prices of plots in gated communities go for about 2 million because of the amenities provided. However, prices depend mostly on the distance between the plot and key infrastructure, especially roads that connect to the Nakuru-Nairobi highway.

For a 50 by 100ft, be prepared to fork out between 1.2 – 1.7 million when buying a plot directly from the owner.

Buying a plot in Mzee Wa Nyama has been made easier by the presence of real estate companies. However, individual plot owners are still selling their plots through brokers or on their own. Due diligence is required.

Follow this process when buying a plot in Mzee Wa Nyama:

1. Identify the land company you wish to transact with. Give them a call and they will arrange for a site visit. Days for site visits vary depending on each company.

2. Once you are satisfied with the plot, ask for a copy of the title deed and visit the Ministry of Lands offices for a land search.

3. Once you are satisfied with the size, ownership, and other details the land company will arrange for you to sign a sale agreement drawn by a lawyer.

4. You can then go ahead and pay a deposit or even the whole amount. The company will ask you to wait for between 1-3 weeks for the plot title to be transferred to your name.

5. Fencing of the plot is allowed as soon as you pay a deposit. Most companies have installment payment terms for up to a year.

Well-known companies that sell land in Mzee Wa Nyama are numerous. To cash in on the Nakuru city status, these land companies have offices in Nakuru city’s CBD. The companies are:

1.UserName Investments.

2.Twinestar Commercial Agencies .

3. Dayton Property Agency.

4. Regent Management.

5. Focus Management Ltd.

6. Valiant Real Estate.

For the time being, the only plot sizes available are 50 by 100ft and 100 by 100 ft. There are no smaller subdivisions.

Most people buying land in Mzee Wa Nyama are doing so to build their residence or set up rental structures to cater to an increasing population. However, there are those buying land for speculative reasons. This is especially so because of the Nakuru Airport now under construction and the elevation of Nakuru to city status.

Mzee Wa Nyama is a growing center close to the Nakuru-Nairobi highway. With an airport about 15 kilometers to be ready in August, this is the best place to invest for speculative purposes.

The trading center is also served by Nawasco with piped water. As for amenities, a government health center is available, with both private, public, and international schools close by.

Tourism areas are within a distance of between 15 to 30 km and including Hyrax Hill, Lake Elementaita, and Lake Nakuru National Park. You can set up a hotel to serve the many tourists who frequent the Nakuru region.

A land search in Mzee Wa Nyama depends on whether you are buying the plot from the owner or a real estate company. If you buy from a company, they can help you do the land search. If you insist on doing it by yourself, follow the following process:

1. Visit the Ministry of Lands offices in Nakuru town with a copy of the title deed and ish 500 search fee.

2. You will be given a form to fill out. Have with you a copy of your ID and KRA PIN certificate.

3. Depending on how busy the offices are, the land search can take hours or just the whole day.

4. You will be given a stamped certificate that shows the status of the plot.

If you are buying the plot from a company, they should have cleared the land rates. However, if you are buying from an individual, ask them to clear the rates just in case it’s outstanding.