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What you need to know about buying land in Mugutha, Ruiru

Mugutha is situated in Ruiru town; it covers 292 square kilometers in the Thika sub-county in Kiambu County. It lies between the Ruiru river to the south and the Mugutha /theta river to the north 

The land categories available in Mugutha, Ruiru include;

1. Freehold 

Plots for sale in Mugutha, Ruiru come with freehold title deeds.

2. Leasehold 

Some parts of the Mugutha area, such as Kofinaf land, sell plots with leasehold titles.

3. Customary 

Groups can own parcels of land in Mugutha Ruiru; an example is the old Murera coffee plantation that the Nyakinyua investment group bought in the 1970s.

4. Public 

The government can compensate residents living in areas targeted to expand or construct roads, sewer lines, etc. An example is the drainage channels along Kwa Kairu- Mugutha and Kimbo Kiganjo road.

The cost of 50*100 residential plots ranges from Ksh. Ksh. 2.8 million, with the prime one’s going for Ksh. 15 million. Those with potential for commercial purposes range from Ksh. 3.8 million

Ø Identify a reputable realtor company in Ruiru, and choose a plot that suits your desires

Ø Conduct a site visit

Ø Perform a land search with the land registry office to confirm ownership

Ø Conduct another search with the Kiambu county government to check land rates arrears

Ø Buy two maps, one showing the plot scale and the other one showing the neighborhood

Ø Request a certified surveyor to conduct a site visit to confirm the map details

Ø Ask your advocate to prepare a purchase offer and price negotiation

Ø Once you receive a sale agreement from the seller advocate, clear with the land control board first.

Ø Proceed to payments

Ø Apply for the consent of transfer

Ø Pay for stump duty

Ø Conduct a post-purchase with the land ministry to confirm that the plot has your details.

NB; it would be best to seek professional advice when purchasing a plot.

  1. Here are some companies that sell plots in Mugutha, Ruiru.

    Ø NawiriLand investment ltd

    Ø Imperial housing group ltd

    Ø Upscale real estate ltd

    Ø Golden chance real estate

The Mugutha Ruiru plots are fit for;

1. Commercial purposes

Mugutha, Ruiru is accessible through several road networks such as the Thika highway, Mugutha road, Kiambu road, etc. There are also marram roads that ease movement within the locality. Plots in this area are suitable for industrial and commercial purposes.

2. Residential purposes

Mugutha hosts many residents from all walks of life; most people that work in Nairobi, Thika town, and the surrounding areas prefer living in Mugutha, Ruiru. Plots are therefore suitable for residential housing.

3. Speculation

Some parts of Mugutha Ruiru are fit for land speculation, such as the Mitimingi area along Kiganjo road. These areas have the potential for residential housing.

Plots sizes in Mugutha Ruiru range from;

One acre, ½ acre, ¼ acre, 1/8 acre, 50*80, and 40*80.

Mugutha plots have the potential for several economic and social benefits.

Ø It is located between two rivers, Mugutha and Ruiru rivers, making it perfect for commercial agricultural purposes.

Ø It is close to major educational facilities like the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture.

Ø It has perfect infrastructure

Ø Mugutha is situated in Ruiru, the 6th largest urban center in Kenya and the 4th most populous, making it ideal for businesses.

Ø It has conducive weather conditions.

Ø Mugutha has several health facilities such as the Mugutha dispensary, Mugutha SDA dispensary, Mugutha CDF dispensary, and other private health centers.

Visit Ruiru land registry offices with the following documents; 

Ø Present two copies of the title deed of the plot in question

Ø Your KRA pin

Ø A copy of your ID card.