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What you need to know about buying land in Mtwapa, Mombasa

Mtwapa is a town in Kilifi County located in the northern part of the Mombasa city center along Mombasa – Malindi road. It is one of the vibrant coastal towns and a popular tourist destination in Kilifi County. 

Plots in Mtwapa are categorized as follows;

1. Freehold 

Most plots in Mtwapa come with ready freehold title deeds

2. Leasehold 

There are available plots for lease in Mtwapa. 

3. Customary 

Groups can buy parcels of land in Mtwapa, Mombasa; an example is the Safaricom Sacco; they own plots in Mtwapa south. 

4. Public 

The government is at liberty to acquire land in Mtwapa, e.g., developing the Malindi- Lunga Lunga road and upgrading the Mombasa- Mtwapa – Kwa Kadzengo Kilifi (A7) section led to the resettlement of the residents living in the targeted areas.

50*100 plots with the potential for residential and commercial use range from Ksh. 1.45 million to Ksh. 5 million or more. 

Ø Identify a real estate company selling plots in Mtwapa

Ø Select a plot that suits your needs

Ø Conduct a site visit

Ø If you like what you see, conduct a land search to confirm the plot ownership

Ø Conduct another search with the county government of Kilifi to check pending land rates

Ø Buy two maps, one for the land scale and the other one showing the neighborhood

Ø Request a certified surveyor to confirm the map details by performing a site visit

Ø Request your advocate to prepare a purchase offer and price negotiation

Ø Once you get the sale agreement from the seller advocate, get land control board clearance first

Ø Proceed to payment

Ø Apply for consent for the transfer

Ø Pay for stump duty

Ø Confirm with the land registry that the plot bears your details.

Ø Sophic realtors

Ø Edgestone real estate KE

Ø Mtwapa garden apartments

Ø Mtwapa luxury apartments

Ø KMA Mtwapa estate

Plot sizes in Mtwapa start from:

40*80, 50*80, 1/8 acre, ¼ acre, ½ acre etc.

Plots in Mtwapa are suitable for;

1. Commercial purposes

Mtwapa is a resort area and a trade and transportation center since it is located near the national highway B8. It is located close to Mombasa Marine Park, a major tourist attraction in the coastal region. The constant flow of tourists makes it fit for commercial purposes.

2. Residential purposes

Mtwapa has been a home for Europeans for many years; most build their retirement or holiday home here. The rapid rate of urbanization in Mombasa has also forced many people to seek residential housing in the neighboring towns, Mtwapa included. Therefore, the area is perfect for residential housing.

3. Speculation 

You can buy plots on speculation on areas that are not fully developed, such as the Ngamani Ridge along the Mombasa- Malindi highway.

Ø The plots are affordable

Ø Mtwapa has improved its infrastructure 

Ø Mtwapa has service hubs within its proximity, such as Mtwapa mall, banks, insurance companies, etc.

Ø Mtwapa has less alkaline water as compared to other coastal areas

Ø Most plots have ready water and electricity

Ø Its proximity to the Mombasa CBD makes it a perfect residential area for city workers.

Ø It is best for hotels and resorts investments

Ø Mtwapa is best for agricultural investments

Ø It is suitable for holiday homes investment

Ø The silent environment of Mtwapa is ideal for retirement homes

Kilifi County government introduced a digital property registry to reduce corruption; here is a step by step guide for an online land search;

Ø Log onto the eCitizen portal and sign up, or sign in if you already have an account.

Ø Click on the land ministry, housing, and urban development link, then click on land search.

Ø Enter the land title, fill out and submit the online form provided

Ø Confirm the details and proceed to payment, 

Ø Once your payment is confirmed, the result will be available for printing.