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What you need to know about buying land in Milimani, Kitengela

Milimani is a posh estate located about 4 km from Kitengela town in Kajiado County. It is about 13 minutes from Kitengela CBD.

Milimani, Kitengela is very near to the Old Namanga Rd and the Nairobi-Namanga road, which makes it an attractive investment option. Pinto road that passes quite near connects to the two highways.

Even though leasehold, public, and customary land exist within Kitengela, 

only freehold plots are found in Milimani, Kitengela. This means that once you make a purchase, the plot becomes yours for eternity, or until you sell it.

The prices of plots in Kitengela range between 1.5 million to as high as 7 million for a 50 by 100ft. The price range is dependent on:

1. Whether you are purchasing the plot from a company or the original owner.

2. Whether the parcel of land has already been developed.

3. How far the plot is from paved roads, and

4. Whether the piece of plot is closer to the town or not.

You can only purchase a 50 by 100ft or a 100 by 100 ft parcel of plot.

The bigwigs in Milimani, Kitengela include the following:

1.Optiven Group.

2. Kimisitu Investment Company PLC.

3.Kinyua and Koech Limited.

4. Tysons Limited.

5. Llyod Masika.

6. Hyssop Properties.

7. Lesedi Developers.

The process is simple, but you need to exercise due diligence when buying a plot as outlined below.

1. Visit the site to ascertain the location, presence of beacons, and condition of the plot.

2. Do a land search at the Kajiado land registry.

3. Sign a sales agreement that binds you to purchase the property while binding the vendor to sell it.

The sales agreement should have:

•seller passport photos

•Copies of the seller’s PIN certificate and ID.

If you are dealing with a real estate company, ask for copies of the Certificate of Incorporation, Company PIN certificate, and IDs of the company’s board of directors. It is better to be safe than sorry.

4. You deposit 10% of the value of the land with a lawyer. The rest of the amount is to be paid within three months or as per the sales agreement.

5. After paying the whole amount, you will need to transfer the title to your name. You will need:

•Approved consent from Lands Control Board

•Proof of stamp duty payment

•Your original and copy of your ID

•Your PIN certificate and two passport photos.

•Sales agreement.

Investors in Milimani, Kitengela are doing so for various reasons. Some are buying land to build apartments for sale or renting out.

Due to the large population and demand for plots in Kitengela, investors are also buying plots to sell at a profit later on.

Real estate companies are also cashing in with controlled developments, inviting investors from far and wide to buy and build their residences.

Milimani is a posh estate surrounded mostly by controlled development estates. It is also near two major roads, Nairobi-Namanga road, and Old Namanga road. It’s also an hour’s drive from Nairobi, which means it is quite accessible.

Education institutions are also nearby and include Kitengela Vineyard Secondary School, Vineyard Academy -Kitengela, Milimani Kitengela Junior Academy. The institutions of higher learning are Kampala and KAG Universities, East African University, and KCA University.

The security of the area is guaranteed by the Milimani Administration Police Post. Kitengela Police station is just 17-minutes away.

The presence of Nairobi Women’s Hospital, resorts, international schools, and its proximity to the Lukenya SGR station makes Milimani, Kitengela an ideal place to invest.

Milimani is in the county of Kajiado. Visit the land registry in Kajiado with copies of your ID, PIN certificate and ksh 500.

You are going to fill out details in the land search form which includes the plot’s title deed number. A land search shows whether the land was registered before or someone else owns it.

Land searches are expected to take a day at most. However, depending on traffic at the offices, it can take a maximum of three days.