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What you need to know about buying land in Matuu

Matuu is a town in Yatta Constituency, Machakos County. It is located along the Thika-Garissa Highway. It is one of the fastest growing towns in Machakos owing to its potential both commercially and agriculturally.

 Plots in Matuu are purely on freehold.

The price of plots depends on the proximity to Garissa road, other major tarmac roads and Matuu town. Most of the plots here cost between Ksh. 100, 000 to Ksh. 500,000. However, they can cost more if near tarmac or town

Machakos is one of the Counties that have made land acquisition quite straightforward. Engage a reliable lawyer to help you accordingly.

1. With the help of a reputable land selling company, identify a plot suitable for you. Buyers differ in preferences in terms of prices, proximity to town, roads and other amenities.

2. Make a site visit (most companies offer these daily or on weekly basis)

3. Conduct land search to establish the previous owners of the plot and if it is used as security to any loan

4. Ask the surveyor assist you to interpret the map they assign you

5. Let your lawyer write the purchase and payment terms as the seller’s drafts a sales agreement

6. Once both parties honor the agreed terms, seek consent for transfer from the Lands Control Board

7. Pay stamp duty. Use a land search to know if the title now bears your name

You can buy plots in Matuu from companies such as;

1. Maono Lands Ltd

2. Ayala Homes

3. Lesedi Developers

4. Zidi property listings

Most plots in Matuu measure 50 by 100ft but one can also find plots of 100 by 100ft, half acre and other sizes.

Buyers can use plots in Matuu for;

1. Residential use

Plots available here are suitable for putting up your family home. You can also put up rental houses to those close to the tarmac and Matuu town.

2. Commercial purposes

Matuu is recording immense growth and being located along Garissa road, you can develop the land for commercial use

3. Speculation

Five years ago, some plots in Matuu cost as low as Ksh. 30, 000 but are now at half a million Kenya shillings. These and other parcels will continue to appreciate in value, making them ideal for investment

4. Agriculture

If you do not intend to develop your plot immediately, you can use it to grow drought resistant crops as well as fruits.

1. Unlike some parts of the country like Nairobi and Mombasa, the buyer is not restricted how to use their land

2. The land’s terrain is flat, thus can be developed with ease or used for agriculturs

3. While Machakos is known to be remote, Matuu has access to water and other public utilities such as electricity and roads.

4. One has easy access to construction materials such as sand and bricks

5. Matuu is growing fast, guaranteeing that plots here will increase in value sooner than expected. 

Carry with you; 

1. A copy of ID

2. Title deed of the plot on sale 

3. KRA pin.

Present them to the Machakos land registry’s office. After your application is stamped, the results of the land search should be out in three days