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What you need to know about buying land in Matangi, Ruiru

Matangi is a fast-growing area in the outskirts of Kimbo, Ruiru sub-county, Kiambu County. It is accessible through the Kimbo-Matangi tarmac, with a shopping center known as Matangi

Plots in Matangi, Ruiru are available on freehold basis. Therefore, you incur no further costs upon purchase. You are also free to use your plot as you please.

The price of plots across the country is affected by similar factors. These include availability of infrastructure, crucial amenities and closeness to towns.

The plots in Matangi vary in prices; 40 by 60 plot ideal for commercial development goes for over 2 million shillings. 

Residential ones go for a lesser cost but average at 1.5 million shillings. If you are looking for an investment plot, it can even go for lower than 1 million depending on location.

To purchase a plot in Matangi, Ruiru,

1. Get a reliable land-selling company/agent

2. Identify a suitable plot from the chosen company

3. Book a site visit

4. Conduct land search at the lands registry in Ruiru

5. Get maps and a surveyor to confirm the site is okay

6. Both the buyer’s and seller’s advocates draft letter of offer and sales agreement respectively

7. Ensure there is clearance for sale of the plot from the Lands Control Board

8. Get consent for the transfer of land from the National Lands commission’s office

9. Conduct valuation and pay stamp duty

10. Complete the land transfer if all the terms are honored

NB: You should conduct another land search to establish if the transfer process was successful.

Companies selling plots in Matangi, Ruiru include;

1. Bushline properties

2. Propscout

3. Fanaka Real Estate

4. Kulta Properties

5. Dhahabu land Ltd 

6. Shelta Investments

Areas that are fast developing have plots subdivided into quite small units compared to the slower ones. Matangi is growing at an alarming speed, allowing for small pieces of land such as 40 by 60ft, 40 by 80 and 50 by 100.

Matangi is accessible from major towns such as Thika, Ruiru, Juja and even Nairobi CBD. Therefore, they can be put into a variety of used. These include

1. Residential development

Most people buying plots intend to put up their family homes

2. Commercial use

You can also put up commercial buildings such as apartments and other business houses.

3. Speculation

The potential of Matangi has not yet been fully unearthed. Consequently, as more people move here, the demand of these plots is expected to rise. One can buy plots here and sell them in the future at a profit

1. Plots in Matangi are ideal for settlement if you are looking for a calm atmosphere

2. The plots are good for investment

3. Matangi is close to Nairobi CBD and other big towns

4. The area is served by tarmac road and the feeder roads graveled

5. There are schools and other important amenities nearby

It is important to conduct a land search for clarity on ownership issues and any debts attached to the land. The search process for these plots is still manual, done at the Ruiru land registry.

Visit these offices with a copy of the title deed of plot on sale, your KRA pin copy and ID copy. Pay Ksh. 500 and fill three search forms which will be stamped and you get one copy. Use this copy to collect the search results after 3 days.