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What you need to know about buying land in Marurui, Nairobi

Marurui is an estate within Roysambu Constituency in Nairobi County, 13 kilometers from the CBD.

It is next to Thome and near Ruaraka Academy and Makuyu road. 

The estate can be accessed using the following roads:Northern Bypass Road, Thika Road, Kiambu Road, Kamiti Road, Ngong Road.

Nearby towns are Ruaka, Kiambu, Ruiru, and Githurai.


Land in Marurui is either freehold, leasehold, or public.

Gathara village, Marurui next to River Gathaara and Thome estate is community land. It was allocated to squatters and measures 100ft wide and 1 kilometer in length.


Plots in Marurui are quite pricier. Expect to pay more for any piece of land anywhere near the Northern Bypass.

Half an acre plot of land for commercial purposes is quoted at a minimum of 35 million and the highest can reach as high as 110 million.

A quarter of an acre is being sold at between 14 and 15 million minimum, while an eighth goes for 7 million.

The minimum you can pay for a 40by 80 ft residential plot is between 4.5 million and 8.5 million.

Marurui is in Nairobi County.

1.Ask the owner for the title deed copy.

2.Confirm lack of caveat by doing a land search.

3.Check for unpaid rates at Nairobi City County offices. Seller should settle this.

4.Purchase two maps at 300/= from the Ministry of Lands offices. The maps show:

•neighboring lands

•exact measurements of the plot

5.Hire a surveyor to confirm map details and presence of beacons.

6.Draft sales agreement with your lawyer.

7.Pay an initial amount as per your agreement.

8.Book an appointment with the Lands Control Board for the greenlight to buy the plot.

9.Change ownership at the lands ministry. Have the following:

•LCB consent letter

•Recent search status (below 6 months)

•Land rates clearance form

•2 maps

•Sales agreement

•2 passports

•copy of title deed

10.Pay stamp duty of between 2-4% of the plot cost.

11.Do the final land search 3-6 months later to confirm the plot is yours.

1.Royal Gates Real Estate

2.Brickmann Homes

3.Tysons Limited

4.Zuripo Property Specialists

5.Mawega Properties Limited

6.Morning Light Land Limited

The plot sizes are:

•100 by 100 ft

•50by100ft and


You can invest in plots for the following reasons:

1.To set up your own home.

2.To build commercial houses for leasing, renting, or selling.

3.For future investments whereby you can sell when prices go up.

The estate is near top hotels:

1.Hotel Tobriana

2.Kiambu Rd Studio and

3.Lymack Suites

4.Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club

It’s within range of recreational facilities:

1.Karira Forest

2.Two Rivers Mall

3.Thika Road Mall (TRM)

4.Garden City Mall

Security is guaranteed by:

1.Marurui Police Post

2.Thome Police Post

3.Kasarani Police Station

4.GSU camp is just 20 minutes away.

Schools are in plenty:

•Ruaraka Academy

•Mirema School

•Braeburn Garden Estate School and

•USIU Africa, to name a few.

The estate is quite accessible:

•Northern Bypass

•Kiambu Road

•Thika Road

You can use the Ecitizen Portal, or visit the Huduma Center for a seamless process.


1.Use Google to access the Ecitizen portal.

2.Sign in, or create an account.

3.Find the ‘Ministry of Lands’ icon and click on it.

3.Select ‘Land Search’.

4.Enter title deed number.

5.Fill out the online application form.

6.Submit the form and pay via Mpesa or bank.

Huduma Center 

1.You will be given a land search application form to fill.

2.Have a copy of your KRA pin certificate and ID

3.Pay kah 500 facilitation fee