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What you need to know about buying land in Malaa, Kangundo Road

Malaa is found in Machakos county. It is found past Kamulu, Joska, and Kantafu on Kangundo road just before reaching Koma Market.

In Malaa, Kangundo road, land buyers can purchase:

● Residential plots, which are best in building a family home

● Commercial plots, which are best for building shops and business premises

● Speculation plots, which are best for keeping for future benefit of rising land prices. 

Malaa is in Machakos county. Land search in Machakos County has not been fully digitized. Land search in Malaa, Kagundo road has to be done in-person at the Machakos County Lands Office at Mwatu Wa Ngoma Street, Machakos. 

  1. Fill in triplicate Official Application Form and attach the following documents: 
    1. Copy of title deed
    2. Copy of PIN certificate 
    3. Copy of Identity card for the applicant 
    4. Proof of payment receipt
  2. Pay a facilitation fee of Ksh 500 for the search
  3. The land search at Machakos County Lands Offices takes on average about 3 days.
  4. Once land search is complete, the applicant receives a stamped Certificate of Official search Form RL 27 that shows the status of the land.

Malaa is located about 43 km from Nairobi CBD. It takes about 1 hour to reach Malaa from Nairobi CBD, which compares favorably to Thika and Ngong where prices of land are much more expensive than Malaa.

● Malaa is an upcoming estate, prices of plots start at Kshs 600,000 for 50 by100 plots, which is a relatively low price considering the high potential for growth of the area. 

● Given Malaa is still growing, they are many opportunities to purchase land for speculation for both commercial and residential plots. 

Land buyers can buy plot sizes starting at 40 by 60, 50 by 100, 100 by 100, and half-acre plots. 

Purchasing land in Malaa, Kangundo is a five step process:

  1. Search for a reputable company that is currently selling properties in Malaa, Kangundo road. Our platform has an extensive listing of reputable registered agents who are selling properties in Malaa. Check out available offers or submit a suggestion for your intention to purchase land in Malaa to receive offers. 
  2. Identify a plot that pleases you, contact the land agent, and plan a site visit. Once you are at the site, enquire about payment options and land transfer procedures. . 
  3. If the plot size meets your land purchasing criteria, do a land search to determine authenticity of land ownership and if the land has charges on it. 
  4. If the land search turns out successfully, find a credible lawyer to draft the land purchase agreement that includes the payment terms. 
  5. Apply for a title deed transfer to your name once you complete payment. Note: you will have to pay for stamp duty.      

Note: Legal counsel is essential to ensure that your land purchase continues without hitches. Please ensure you consult a lawyer during the purchasing process. 

Many companies are selling plots in Malaa. The most popular and reputable companies selling plots in Malaa include 

1. Username Properties

2. Fanaka Properties

3. Amref Sacco 

4. Olive Limited.