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What you need to know about buying land in Limuru

Limuru is a sub-county in Kiambu County, located 37 kilometers from Nairobi and accessed via the Nakuru-Nairobi highway.

Areas around Limuru include:

1. Kimende

2. Kijabe

3. Kamangu

4. Wangige

5. Githunguri, and

6. Uplands

Limuru is not only known for its tea, but it’s the headquarters of the Bata Shoe Company.

The titles can either be leasehold, in that you pay a monthly rent which depends on the size and location.

Freehold titles are also common which means the land is your for keeps. Controlled development companies offer such plots.

Public land hosts government institutions which include public schools, public hospitals, and police stations. That’s the reason you should first check the status of the parcel of land at the Kiambu land registry.

The minimum quotation for a 50 ×100ft plot is 1.8 to 2 million.

A quarter goes for between 7 million and 17 million.

The price quotation for half an acre is between 14 million and 24 million.

It should be noted that land in Limuru is being sold in bigger chunks than 10 acres. The price quotation is a bit on the higher side because of how fertile it is.

The process is straightforward as outlined below.

1. Check out notice boards, or scout online for vendors who are selling their plots.

2. Visit the location physically and try to locate the beacons.

3. Have the vendor send you a copy of the title for the land search process.

4. During the land search, establish any accused land rates or caveats.

5. If the land is clean, have your lawyer draw up a sales agreement that binds you and the seller.

6. Deposit an agreed amount with your lawyer.

7. Having cleared the amount, transfer details of the title to your name.

8. After a period of 3 to 6 months, visit the Kiambu land registry to confirm that the correct details were captured.

9. Fence your plot to scare away grabbers or uncouth brokers.

1. Antel Limited

2. Realux Holdings Ltd

3. Duran Property Consult Ltd

4. Cura International

5. Pro-Property Solutions Ltd

Dimensions of plots are:

1.50 ×100ft


3.1 acre

However, land in Limuru is also mostly sold in dimensions that are more than an acre. The price is costly going by the fact that Limuru is a very fertile place.

Plots in Limuru are mostly residential and are developed by real estate companies.

The high population offers returns to anyone investing in apartments, bedsitters, shops to let, and even hotels.

Due to an increasing population, speculating on land is on the rise.

1. Serene environment

If you love lush green grass, red soil, and cooler weather, then Limuru is the place to be. It has a beautiful view especially because of the numerous tea factories.

2. Proximity to Nairobi-Nakuru highway

This makes plots in Limuru to be pricier. You can buy and sell it when it appreciates. Traveling to and from Nairobi a distance of about 37 kilometers is possible. In fact, quite a number of Limuru residents commute daily for work, schooling, or business.

3. Presence of renowned medical facilities

Lari Level 4 Hospital and Tigoni Level 4 Hospital are examples of public hospitals nearby. Others that are inside Limuru or nearby are:

•St Joel Community Hospital

•Nazareth Hospital

•Ruaka Healthcare Hospital

•Kijabe Mission Hospital

4. Good educational institutions

Institutions of learning are:

•Loreto High School

•Limuru Town Primary School

•Green Valley International School

•Ngenia High School

•Kamandura Girls’ High Schools

•Rironi Primary School, and

•St Paul’s University 

5. Top-notch security

Limuru Police Station, Kijabe Police Station, and Upland Police station are in or within a distance of not more than 30 kilometers away.

6. Favorable weather

It rains in Limuru and the land is productive. In a 100 by 100ft plot, you can plant snappier grass for zero-grazed animals. Bigger farms are also available for lease or buying.

7. Numerous financial institutions

•Family bank

•Equity Bank

•Faulu Microfinance Bank

•National Bank of Kenya

•KCB Bank

•Chase Bank

•KWFT Microfinance

•ABSA Bank, and

•Cooperative Bank

8. Fresh produce market

Kwambira and Limiru markets are two examples.

9. Good roads

You can access Limuru town via •Kamandura-Mai Mahiu-Narok Road

•Githunguri Uplands Road

•Limuru-Nazareth Road

•Limuru Road, and

•Ngecha-Kabuku Road

Limuru is in Kiambu County. The Kiambu land registry is just 38 kilometers away. Visit and purchase the official land search document and fill it out correctly. Attach a title deed copy and wait.

Since Kiambu is serving other regions, the wait might be longer than the maximum of 3 days.