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What you need to know about buying land in Langata,Nairobi

Langata is one of the 17 sub-counties of Nairobi city. It is located 16 km from the city center, a distance of about 32 minutes, via Langata Road.

Other roads that can be used to access Langata are: Southern Bypass, Bogani E Road, Ushirika Road, Forest Line Road and Gataka Road.

Neighboring towns and trading centers to Langata are: Ongata Rongai, Ngong, Kiserian, Karen,and Kibera

The 2019 population census places the population of Langata at a staggering 200, 000, a potential market for any serious investor.

Langata plots are either freeholdpublic, or community.

Community land is sold by real estate companies. Be wary of ‘ready title deeds’ because you still have to do the land search yourself before transferring it to your name.

Public land also exists and belongs to public institutions. By doing a land search, you will avoid buying public land. An example is Langata Primary School and Langata Police Station.

Freehold titles are common. They allow the owner to use the land as they please and to own it for an unlimited time period.

Plots are quite pricier because it is strategically located near Langata Road and the Southern Bypass. It is also the venue, if not close to different entertainment joints and tourist attraction sites.

1. A 40×80ft is between 10 and 13 million.

2. A 50×100ft is between 25 and 45million.

3. A plot measuring 100×100ft is between 45 million and 90 million.

4. Half an acre is between 30 million and 90 million.

5. An acre starts from 60 to 70 million.

1. Locate the vendor, and ask to check the original title.

2. Do an online search via Ecitizen to confirm that the land has no caveat.

3. Do another search at the Nairobi City County offices to confirm that there aren’t any unpaid rates.

4. Purchase two maps at the survey that shows how big the plot is and the surrounding estates.

5. Have a sit-down with the vendor and the spouse to negotiate the price.

6. Have a well-executed agreement through a lawyer.

7. Deposit a fraction of the plot value with your advocate.

8. Book an appointment with LCB to get a consent letter.

9. Visit the Ministry of Lands and change ownership details.

1. Leilach Properties

2. Mapema Properties

3. Knight Frank

4. Simkar Group

5. Pemukika Agency

6. Geoscope Global

7. Rash Realtors 

Langata plots are mostly residential. However, a sizable number of plots have built apartments, villas, and townhouses for sale. The following are the price guidelines.

1. A four-bedroomed house is sold at between 20 million and 70 million.

2. A three-bedroomed house has a quotation of 25 million.

3. A five-bedroomed house costs between 120 million to 125 million.

4. Lastly, a one-bedroomed house costs about 7 million.

Commercial plots in Langata can also be used to construct rentals. The rentals houses are usually apartments and townhouses

Investors are also opting to speculate, because of an ever-increasing population and the fact that Langata is in Nairobi City County.

1. Security. It is near several police stations and police posts that include: Langata Police Station, Karen Police Station, Hardy Police Post, Karen Plains Police Post and Ole Kasasi Police Post

2. Learning institutions. Good schools, colleges, and universities are found in or near Langata. The following are a few of them; Kenya School of Law, Tangaza University College, The Cooperative University of Kenya, Marist International University College, Hillcrest International School, Thorn Tree School and Light Academy Nairobi

3. Entertainment and recreational points. You will never lack a place to relax and unwind while in Langata. A few examples of popular hotels and tourist attraction sites are; Fair Acres Boutique Hotel, Hotel Troy Nairobi , Hemingways Nairobi, Impala Observation Point & Picnic Site, Giraffe Center, KFC Langata and Langata Botanical Gardens

4. Tarmacked roads. The following roads make the movement of people and goods possible; Bogoni Road, Southern Bypass, Ushirika Road, Forest Line Road, Ngong Road and Ndege Road

5. Good medical facilities. Langata has numerous health facilities and a few are ; Karen Hospital, Langata Hospital, Gataka Public Hospital, Dr. Barnado’s Clinic and Sagata Medical Center 

Since land searches in Nairobi City County are online, you need to log in via your Ecitizen account. Once you are logged in, follow the following simple steps. 

1. On the Dashboard, locate ‘Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning. It is number ten on the list.

2. Click on ‘lands’, and the link will take you to an online application form.

3. Fill out the form carefully, adding the title number when asked to, before submitting it.

4. Payment is the last option. You will either use your ATM or Mpesa.

5. The results will now be available for printing, but it’s always stored in your Ecitizen account.

6.The results take between 5 and 10 minutes.