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What you need to know about buying land in Landless, Thika

Landless is a place in Kiambu County located approximately 9 km from Thika town by road.

Most part of Landless is under the former Thika Municipality, meaning that the title deeds are on leasehold. The buyer will have to renew the lease once the agreed period lapses. They are also required to remit annual land rates to the County Government of Kiambu. Other parcels of land are on freehold title deeds within this area.

Plots in Landless are not as cheap as in the interior areas within Thika. However, they are relatively affordable considering the location. Commercial plots go for between Ksh. 1 million to Ksh. 6 million or even higher for a 50 by 100 depending on the proximity to the highway. Residential and plots used for speculative purposes cost and average of Ksh 750, 000.

1. Get in touch with a credible land selling company and identify a plot that suits your needs

2. Make a site visit to ascertain that the property actually exists. Most companies offer these site visits free of charge

3. Conduct land search with the ministry of lands and planning as well as the County Government of Kiambu

4. Buy a land map and get a surveyor to confirm whether the site details are accurate

5. If the information is okay, get an advocate to draw a purchase offer as the seller’s lawyer provides the sales agreement

6. Clear with the Lands control board and effect payment as agreed

7. Proceed to land transfer and pay stamp duty

8. Conduct post purchase land search to ascertain that the title deed is in your name

Some companies that sell plots in Thika include;

1. Username Investments

2. Lesedi Developers

3. Angaza Real estate

4. Gredico Properties

5. Humuka Investments among others

With the close proximity of Landless to Thika CBD, the plots are available in different sizes, mostly 40 by 70ft, 40 by 80ft, 50 by 100 and 100 by 100.

Landless is a prime location, making the plots here useful for purposes such as

1. Residential use

The large population working in Thika town and surrounding areas can easily access Landless, making it ideal for residential houses. Students studying in colleges here can also use hostels located in this area. If you are looking to build yourself a family house, Landless is a perfect spot.

2. Commercial development

Its proximity to the CBD and highway means that business and commercial houses can do well here.

3. Speculation

While plots here have been purchased for quite some time now, their prices continue to hike. As the area develops further, its potential grows even more. Therefore, you can buy plots in Landless and wait to sell them at higher prices

1. Prices are pocket-friendly considering the prime location

2. Murrum soil in this area allows for easy construction and accessibility by road

3. It is accessible from Thika town and its environs, making it ideal for settlement

4. The area is fast growing, hence a viable investment

5. Essential amenities such as schools and hospitals are available

6. There is ready market for apartments from individuals and institutions such as MKU

The land search here is manual. Fill the search form at the land registry office in Thika and present a copy of ID, title deed and KRA pin. Once they are stamped, wait for the certificate of official land search.