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What you need to know about buying land in Kwihota, Ruiru

Kwihota Ruiru is located in the Ruiru areas of Kiambu county, around 15km from the Nairobi – Thika road. 

Plots in Kwihota Ruiru are classified as;

1. Freehold 

Kwihota plot buyers get freehold title deeds upon plot purchase.

2. Leasehold 

Some plot owners or real estate companies have plots for lease in Kwihota, Ruiru.

3. Customary 

Communities such as churches are permitted to own land and establish themselves in Kwihota, Ruiru. Examples are several churches that own parcels of land in Kwihota. 

4. Public 

Several public facilities sit on publicly-owned parcels, e.g., Kwihota primary and secondary schools.

An eighth of a plot in prime residential areas costs Ksh. 2.6M, while a commercial plot of equal size goes for Ksh. 4.2 or more. 

· Find a well-established realtor in Kwihota Ruiru to help you find a plot; you can consider referrals.

· Inspect the title of the plot that you are planning to purchase

· Make sure it does not have land arrears

· Find land maps that show the plot size and its locality

· Ensure the maps and actual plot match; you will need help from a surveyor in this case.

· If all is well, send a purchase offer to the realtor company, you are dealing with.

· If you are called to start the sale process, make sure the land sale is allowed by the land commission. Request for consent for transfer at this stage.

· If you are granted the go-ahead, you can start your payment arrangements. 

· Adhere to your legal obligation by paying for the stamp of duty.

· Legacy property corner

· Username investment

· Fanaka real estate limited

· Dhahabu land company

· Daykio Bustani estate

Plots for sale in kwihota ruiru star from, 40*60, 40*80, 50*80, 50*100, 100*100, etc.

Kwihota land buyers have several land use options, which include:

1. Commercial use 

Kwihota, Ruiru has hundreds of commercial opportunities attracting investors from all walks of life. As a real estate investor, you can erect a commercial building in the area and lease it to the businesses looking for premises.

2. Residential use

The rising population in Kwihota areas increases competition and demand for residential housing, which is a business gap that needs to be filled. Anyone experienced in identifying commercial opportunities can bet that Kwihota is perfectly fit for residential housing investment.

3. Speculation purposes

If you are not ready for development but are interested in venturing into real estate, consider buying a speculative plot in Kwihota Ruiru. 

· Kwihota, Ruiru is near Nairobi city, making it a convenient dwelling for Nairobians.

· Kwihota Ruiru enjoys a good road network; for example, to get to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, you can quickly connect to Mombasa road via the eastern bypass.

· Kwihota plot prices are currently affordable

· The area’s climate is conducive to building residential and family homes

· Kwihota Ruiru is an ideal place to build your retirement house since it is far from the hustles and bustles of cities

· Plots for sale in Kwihota Ruiru are highly demanded, which means the land appreciation rate is relatively high. 

· The area is well supplied with piped water and electricity.

· Kwihota has a large number of primary and secondary schools from within.

Go to the land registry offices located in Ruiru and present these documents;

· A copy of the plots title deed


· Your ID card copy.