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What you need to know about buying land in Konza City

The Konza city lies in seventy-three thousand acres of land donated by the three neighboring counties, Kajiado, Machakos, and Makueni. It is located sixty-four kilometers south of Nairobi along Mombasa road.

land categories in Konza city.


Konza city plots are pure leasehold; no one can own a freehold plot here. This approach prevents land speculation that might delay the city’s development. The structures will be developed by the master developer and leased to investors. 

There are no plots for sale in Konza city, but the lease rates and other taxes will apply at an amount to be determined by the city operators. However, the Konza Technopolis Development Authority (KoTDA) is offering incentives to investors ready to start developments.

To secure a plot for lease in Konza city, submit a letter to;

Permanent secretary,

Ministry of information and technology,

P.O.BOX 30025-00100.

Nairobi, Kenya.

The letter should indicate;

Ø The nature of the business

Ø Employment capacity

Ø Available capital for the investment.

The Konza technopolis development authority is responsible for land leasing. But if you are looking for plots near the city,here are some realtor companies with plots for sale near Konza city.

Ø Mackb international.

Ø Sharp real estate.

Ø Roughson realtors.

Ø Trinity realtors.

Ø Rayden international etc.

There are no plots for sale inside Konza city, but a ten thousand kilometer square buffer zone is available for investment. There are no fixed plot sizes here; plots are issued according to their use.

However, different plots sizes are sold in the areas close to the Konza city, such as;

1/2 acre, ¼ acre. 1/8 acre, 50*80, 40*80 

Since the master developer constructs the Konza city structures, you can lease a plot for;

1. Commercial purpose

The city has potential for investments such as;

Ø Hotel and office space

Ø Recreation venues

Ø Health facilities

Ø Educationfacilities

Ø Shopping malls etc.

2. Residential purpose

You can lease a residential building and rent to other people.

NOTE; the master delivery partner (MDP) will give guidelines on available investment opportunities. It is also vital to note that priority will be given to investors that can open up more employment opportunities.

There are many benefits of investing in Konza city such as;

Ø Opportunity to operate in world-class urban development

Ø Create job opportunities for fellow citizens

Ø Interact with people from different cultural backgrounds

Ø Enjoy world-class technopolis infrastructure

Ø The city will have advanced educational facilities 

Ø The city will have advanced medical facilities.

Ø The city is expected to have a smart Agritech center of excellence to ensure that the city is self-reliant.

Ø Konza city has a wildlife conservation zone which is a tourism attraction.

Ø Konza city is a megaproject under vision 2030, which has an assurance of capital gain.

Ø You have an opportunity to diversify your investments.

Ø The Konza technopolis is expected to have high levels of security which is good for business

The Konza technopolis development authority will announce lease opportunities to investors to bid. This strategy reduces speculative buyers that may slow down the project. Then, the bidders will be vetted to select those who are ready to commit to the city project.