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What you need to know about buying land in Kitisuru

Kitisuru is one of the posh suburbs in the county of Nairobi. It is located roughly 10 km from Nairobi CBD and is neighbor to areas like Runda, Gigiri and Ruaka. It is home to the renowned Two Rivers mall, the Village Market and other numerous amenities.

Plots in Kitisuru are mostly available on leasehold basis. Enquire with your seller before proceeding to purchase. 

Kitisuru, being a leafy suburb, means that it only attracts the wealthy to purchase plots. The prices vary depending on size and location of the parcel on sale. You can get a 50 by 100ft plot in the less developed areas for around 8-10 million shillings. Most half-acre plots go for between 30-70 million while one-acre pieces cost between 90-200 million. 

1. Choose a company from which you would like to buy land

2. Identify the available plots and pick one that suits you

3. Book a site visit

4. If you like the plot, do an online land search (from the ministry of lands) using your e-citizen account

5. A search at the county offices will unearth any debt from land rates. You will need clearance from the county revenue office

6. With the help of two maps, use a surveyor to confirm details if the plot

7. Get the seller to have the sales agreement ready as your advocate works on writing your letter of offer

8. Upon clearing with NLC (National Lands Commission) and lands control board, remit the required stamp duty

9. Clear the payments as agreed with the seller as the land transfer process continues

10. Conduct a post-purchase procedure to ascertain that the plot is yours

NOTE: The buying process varies from one seller to another and depending on the sales agreement. An experienced advocate will guide you accordingly.

Companies offering properties for sale in Kitisuru include

· Remax Kenya

· Pamgolding

· HassConsult

· Ryden International

· Simkar Group

· Knight Frank

· Propscout

· GoInvest

In Kitisuru, you mostly find one acre, ¾ acre, 0.7 acre and half-acre plots. However, there also exists 0.4-acre, a quarter and eighth acre plots. However, the sizes may differ and it is prudent to engage a surveyor to confirm the exact size.

Kitisuru is a well-developed area but still has space for further growth. You can buy plots here that are ideal for;

1. Commercial development

There are schools, businesses complexes, malls and even apartments in Kitisuru. Therefore, you can engage in a variety of commercial developments here.

2. Residential 

Kitisuru is home for the rich and diplomats working in the environs. You can build your family home here if you are looking for a blend of class, serenity and fun

3. Speculation

Currently, most people buy plots in Kitisuru for immediate development. However, it is not cast on stone that you must also follow suit. You can wait for the plot to fetch even higher prices then sell it. 

1. Kitisuru offers a calm environment for individuals who value serene surroundings

2. There is access to numerous international schools e.g. International school of Kenya, Durham International, Creche International and others

3. Kitisuru offers ready market for rental houses with most diplomats and ambassadors residing here

4. It is accessible via different routes such as Northern and southern bypasses and Waiyaki-Redhill link

5. The soil is well-drained hence allowing for easy construction

Nairobi County has digitized the land search process unlike most of the other counties. To conduct a land search,

1. Visit the e-citizen portal and sign up (or login if already registered)

2. In the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning section, select “Land search”

3. Enter title number of the plot, fill the search form and submit

4. Confirm if the details are correct and pay Ksh. 500 (most people use mobile money as opposed to other modes)

5. The results of the search will then be available in your e-citizen account. You can proceed to print them or retain them there