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What you need to know about buying land in Kitengela

Kitengela is a town in Kajiado county, about 30km to the southern part of Nairobi. It is within the Nairobi metropolitan area with over three million residents. 

The following land categories are available in Kitengela.

1. Freehold 

Most plots in Kitengela are sold on freehold title deeds.

2. Leasehold 

Different parts of Kitengela have plots with leasehold titles.

3. Customary

Groups can own parcels of land in Kitengela; an example is the disputed piece of land at the Machakos- Kajiado border, which the Empakasi oo Lera trust group owns.

4. Public  

The central or county government can acquire land for public use; an example is the development of the Dr, Likimani primary school in Kitengela, which sits on public land.

Plots’ prices depend on how far they are from tarmac roads. 50*100 is going for Ksh. 0.35 million about 12km off Namanga road. The exact size will cost over 0.8 million as you move close to the roads.

Ø Look for a trusted realtor company that sells plots in kitengela

Ø Choose a plot that pleases you, considering its location, size, and price

Ø Consider site visit

Ø If it pleases you, conduct la and search with the land ministry to confirm ownership

Ø Conduct another search with the county government of Kajiado to check the pending land rate

Ø Buy two maps, one showing the plot scale and another one showing the neighborhood

Ø Hire a licensed surveyor to confirm the map details by conducting a site visit

Ø Let your advocate prepare a purchase offer and price negotiation

Ø You should receive a sale agreement from the sseller’sadvocate

Ø Get a clearance certificate from the land control board

Ø Make payment 

Ø Apply for the consent of transfer

Ø Proceed to stump duty payment

Ø Confirm with the land ministry that the plot is transferred to your name.

Below is a list of a few realtor companies in Kitengela;

Ø Landmark top solution

Ø Vector Afriq properties limited

Ø Regent homes

Ø Nairobi real estate limited

Ø Comfort homes

Plots sizes available in Kitengela include;

One acre, ½ acre, ¼ acre, 1/8 acre, 40*80, 50*80, etc.

Plots in Kitengela are fit for;

1. Commercial use

Kitengela has been considered a Nairobi suburb area, and this has seen the area’s population increase gradually. As the town’s population grows, so is the need for essential services; as a result, the town has become suitable for commercial purposes. 

2. Residential use

Kitengela’s proximity to Nairobi has made it a residential area for many Nairobi workers as it offers affordable housing. You can be sure of enough flow of tenants once you erect a residential house for rent in Kitengela. Most people build their dream homes here too.

3. Speculation 

Kitengela plots prices are expected to keep aiming to the rooftop. That makes it an excellent opportunity for land speculation since you can be sure of capital gain.

Here are the reasons why Kitengela is a prime location for investments.

Ø Kitengela has a good road network; Nairobi – Namanga road included.

Ø It is close to the Syokimau railway station for those who prefer SGR transport.

Ø The presence of a police station and administration police camp ensures enough security in Kitengela.

Ø Supermarkets such as Eastmatt, Naivas, Quickmatts, etc., are already established in the Kitengela town, reducing shopping hassles for the residents.

Ø It hosts big schools such as Kitengela international school.

Ø It is close to attractions sites such as Nairobi national park

Ø Kitengela hosts excellent hotels such as the Gates hotel

Ø The area has several educational facilities such as the Kitengela prison primary school, Kitengela girl’s high school, KCA university, etc.

Ø Kitengela host several churches and mosques

Present the following documents to the Kajiado land registry office;

Ø Two copies of the title deed of the plot in question

Ø Your KRA pin

Ø A copy of your identity card