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What you need to know about buying land in Kiplombe, Eldoret

Kiplombe is a town in Kenya. It is located in Uasin Gishu County, in the Rift Valley Province. The town is situated about 9 kilometers north of Eldoret.

The terrain in Kiplombe is primarily flat, with some hills to the north and east of town. The soil is fertile, and plenty of water is available from rivers and streams. 

The prices of plots in Kiplombe vary depending on the size of the property and the location. Prices for 1/8-acre properties start at around Ksh.300,000, while 1/2-acre properties can cost up to Ksh.800,000. 

There are several amenities available in Kiplombe. There is a hospital, a police station, several schools, and a few restaurants and hotels. There are also some banks and a post office. 

There are several reasons why you should buy plots in Kiplombe. 

· The town is located in a beautiful setting, with the Rift Valley Province being home to some of Kenya’s most stunning scenery. 

· The climate is tropical, and the town experiences two rainy seasons, which means plenty of water is available for agriculture.

· The soil is also fertile, making it ideal for farming. 

· Finally, the prices of plots in Kiplombe are very reasonable, starting at around Ksh.300,000 for 1/8 acre plots. 

To do a land search in Kiplombe, one will need to visit the Uasin Gishu Land Registry(Located in ardhi house) and request a search of the land registry records. 

The land registry will provide a list of all the registered land in Kiplombe. One can then look through the list to find the desired piece of property. 

· Additionally, one can ask for a certified copy of the title deeds to get more information on the property.

The climate in Kiplombe is tropical. The town experiences two rainy seasons, with the first rains falling between March and May and the second rains falling between October and December. Temperatures in Kiplombe range from about 17 degrees Celsius to 27 degrees Celsius. 

There are a variety of plot sizes available in Kiplombe. You can find plots that are 1/8 of an acre, 1/4 of an acre, 1/2 an acre, or even one full acre. 

There are a variety of land categories available in Kiplombe. You can find;

1. freehold

2. leasehold

3. customary

4. public land 

There are a variety of buyer-use options available in Kiplombe. You can buy land for residential, whereby you can either build a house or rent it out. You can also buy land for commercial purposes, such as farming or setting up a business. And finally, you can purchase land for speculation, hoping to sell it at a higher price in the future. 

The process of buying land in Kiplombe is relatively straightforward. 

· First, you need to find a plot that you are interested in and make an offer to the owner. 

· Secondly, you will need to conduct a land search at the Ministry of Lands and planning to ensure that the plot is free from encumbrances. 

· Next, you will need to get a surveyor to mark the boundaries of the land. 

· Once the boundaries have been marked, you will need to pay the owner the agreed-upon price for the land. 

· Finally, you will need to register the land in your name at the Lands Office. 

· After that, you will be the legal owner of the land and can do with it as you please.

Some of the popular companies that sell plots in Kiplombeare ;

· Dan will Investment Limited

· Farmland Enterprise

· Lundmark Agencies

· Reality plus Ltd

These companies all have a variety of different plot sizes and prices to choose from.