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What you need to know about buying land in Kikuyu

Kikuyu is located in Kikuyu sub-county in Kiambu County, 22 kilometers south of Nairobi. It can be accessed via the Southern Bypass, Western Bypass, Thogoto-Gikambura-Mutarakwa road, and Rironi-James Gichuru Road.

Kikuyu is also linked via rail by the Nairobi Commuter Rail Service. Trading centers nearby are Thogoto, Ndunyu Dagoretti, Gikambura, Wangige, and Limuru.

Land is zoned as:

1. Public. Institutions of learning such as Township Primary School, Alliance High School, and the University of Nairobi campus, fall here.

2. Riparian. Ondiri swamp in Kikuyu falls under this category.

3. Freehold. It is owned by an investor for good.

Be prepared with eight hundred thousand at the very least, for a 50by 100ft, and 6 million at the most depending on the location. Plots are pricier in the posh estates of Kikuyu.

A plot size of 100 by 100ft goes for a maximum of 16 million. This depends on whether it is for commercial purposes and its location from Kikuyu CBD.

The steps below will simplify your work.

1. Find plots on sale via social media, websites on Google, or word of mouth.

2. Arrange to have a site visit to confirm the details of the land.

3. Confirm the authenticity of the title deed by visiting the land offices in Kiambu.

4. Scout for a reputable law firm and ask them to draft a sales agreement.

5. Pay a minimum of 0.1 percent to your lawyer’s account, basing it on the cost of the plot.

6. Pay up the remainder before doing a land transfer.

The following are just a few of them:

1. Wallace Properties.

2. Landline Property Solutions Ltd.

3. Lockwood Properties Ltd.

4. Espan AMCCO Properties.

5. Miliki Gardens.

6. TMA Realtor.

The largest plot subdivision is 50 by 100 ft. You can combine two to have 100 by 100 ft in the town. This is because an eighth is the minimum the Ministry of Lands has permitted.

40 by 80ft plots can be found as you move out of the Kikuyu CBD in places like Link Road, Sigona, Kidfarmaco, and Ondiri.

1. Residential. You can purchase a plot and build a home. Controlled development companies are ready to help.

2. Commercial. Investing in bedsitters, bungalows, apartments, and business premises has high returns because of a large population that mostly works in Nairobi.

3. Speculative. Kikuyu is growing due to its proximity to Nairobi. Land is in high demand and so buying and selling a plot after some time guarantees a return.

Kikuyu is in the Nairobi Metropolitan area and this has attracted a large population that mostly works in Nairobi. Other reasons to invest in Kikuyu are:

1. Good infrastructure. Roads in Kikuyu are well paved. This is mostly due to the construction of the Western Bypass, the Southern Bypass, and Rironi-James Gichuru roads.

2. Learning institutions. The presence of Alliance High school for both girls and boys, PUEA University, the University of Nairobi campus, and private schools like Greensted guarantees good education. Public schools are also well-renovated.

3. Modern markets. The newly opened Kikuyu Modern Market assures residents of continuous fresh produce. Dagoretti and Wanginge Markets are also nearby.

4. Medical Facilities. Both public and private hospitals have facilities in Kikuyu. Kikuyu Hospital and Kikuyu Hospital Eye Unit are among them.

5. Banking facilities. Equity, Family, and KWFT, are just a few examples that have branches in Kikuyu.

Kikuyu doesn’t have a land registry. You need to travel to the county headquarters in Kiambu.

Just have your ID, KRA Pin certificate, and a copy of the original title deed.

As soon as you pay Ksh 500, you will fill out an official land search form.

The wait time for the results can be a few hours, a day, or up to a maximum of 7 days.