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What you need to know about buying land in Kiganjo, Thika

Kiganjo is one of Thika estates located about 5km on the southeastern part of Thika town of the Kiambu county.

The Kenya land tenure categorizes Kiganjo plots for sale as;

1. Freehold

Land selling companies have freehold title deeds for their buyer. Buyers no longer hustle to get title deeds for themselves.

2. Leasehold

Some companies let their plots on pure leasehold agreement for a specific period which can be increased upon expiry.

3. Customary 

Companies such as the real estate agencies can buy land in Kiganjo estate. 

4. Public 

Public facilities and institutions such as Kiganjo medical clinic and Kiganjo primary school are founded on government land.

There is no better land than the other. The usefulness of land is dependent upon the intended use.

For instance, if you are looking for agricultural land, a plot in Nairobi, though lucrative may not be the best choice for you.

A 20-acre farm in a remote area may be the best choice in this case. 

· Locate an excellent real estate agency dealing with plots for sale in Kiganjo Thika.

· Take your time to choose an ideal plot

· Once you have selected a plot, scrutinize the title deed to ensure that you are doing business with the rightful owner.

· See to it that the plot’s land arrears are fully paid

· Once everything is ok, send a purchase offer to the agency you work with.

· If you are considered for the sale, ensure that the land commission permits the sale.

· If the land commissioners have approved the land sale, go ahead with the payment arrangements.

· Perform your legal duty by paying for the stamp of duty

· Follow up with the land ministry to ensure the plot is documented under your name.

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Plot available for sale in Kiganjo Thika range from;

1 acre, 0.5 acres, 0.25 acres, 0.125 acres, 40*60, 40*80, 40*90, 50*80, etc 

Kiganjo plots are commonly used for;

1. Commercial purposes

Kiganjo is an old estate with a large population that has attracted many investors. Some buy plots and build their business premises while others ( most) depend on business rooms for rent. There are always new businesses coming up, which means the demand for commercial housing is not ending soon. Most commercial houses are fully booked before they are completed, ensuring good returns.

2. Residential purposes

The Kiganjo population is forever rising, and so is the demand for residential houses. Investors have found the area worthy of investment because no one is likely to run short of tenants in the Kiganjo estate. 

3. Speculation purposes

The Kiganjo land value keeps escalating as more people find the area fit for settlement. Buying a speculative plot here guarantees high profits in the future.

· Kiganjo Thika is among the fastest-growing areas in Thika that host middle and low-income earners. This guarantees high investment returns.

· Thika is slowly regaining its industrial and commercial position as many companies establish their branches here. As a result, many people are relocating to Thika outskirt estates such as Kiganjo to find accommodation. 

· Kiganjo is serviced by Thika -Garrisa road and Thika road through Witeithie- Kiganjo road. It also benefits from the Kivulini –Kiganjo-Witeithie bypass and marram roads.

· The Kiganjo areas have sufficient water supply from the Thika water and sewerage company and borehole water drilled by the ministry of water.

· The plots are well serviced with electricity

· The plots prices are friendly compared to other areas of Thika

· The proximity of the Makongeni police station and other police posts in Thika ensures reduced crime levels in Kiganjo Estate Thika.

· Kiganjo has many health centres like Kiganjo medical centre and education facilities like Kiganjo primary school within its locality

· There are mosques and churches to accommodate all religions

· The area is close to attraction sites such as the fourteen falls, deep forest safari, scope safaris, etc

Take with you these documents to Thika land registry

· A copy of the lands title deed

· Buyer KRA PIN

· Buyer’s copy of national identification card