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What you need to know about buying land in Kibiko Ngong

Kibiko Ngong is located along Ngong – Suswa road in Kajiado county, about 4.8 kilometers from Ngong town and 39 km from the Nairobi CBD 

Land in Kibiko Ngong is classified according to ownership:

1. Freehold

Plots in kibiko are purely issued on freehold.

2. Customary 

Communities can own land in Kibiko; an example is the Kibiko holding ground owned by the Maasai stock farmers cooperative society.

3. Public land

The Kibiko dumping site is a public land acquired by the Kajiado county government 

The plot prices in the Kibiko are majorly determined by land use. 50*100 residential plots range from Ksh 2.0 million, with the prime ones going for over Ksh 5.0 million. The cost range from Ksh 15 million and above for the 50*100 commercial plots.

The process of buying a plot involves the following steps

1. Identify the plot that you want to buy. You can do so with the help of a real estate company.

2. Conduct land search at the land registry to confirm the land ownership

3. Get two maps from the land ministry, one showing the land scale and the other showing the neighborhood. 

4. Ask a licensed surveyor to survey the plot and confirm the map details

5. If any, check for land rates arrears agree with the seller on how they will be cleared before buying the property.

6. Ask your advocate to prepare an offer and price negotiation.

7. Sellers advocate should prepare a sale agreement.

8. Clear with the land control board

9. Collect transfer documents and consent to transfer from the seller

10. Pay for stump duty

11. Conduct a post-purchase with the land ministry to confirm the plot has your details.

NOTE; The process can differ depending on the seller; seeking professional help would help.

Some of the popular real estate companies in Kibiko include;

Ø Ngong hills agency

Ø Hills gate property and real estate ltd.

Ø Real times property.

Ø Homeken ltd.

There are different plot sizes in Kibiko Ngong. The standard ones include.

½ acre, 1/4 acre,1/8 acre,40*80 and,50*80.

Plots in Kibiko Ngong are suitable for;

1. Commercial purposes 

Kibiko is experiencing a high economic growth rate thanks to developing infrastructure in Kiajiado county. An example is the Ngong – Suswa tarmac road. Plots in this area have the potential for commercial use.

2. Residential purpose

Kibiko has seen an increase in residents in the past few years; people from all walks of life come here to buy homes, rent houses or do business. Plots are available in strategic locations to build residential houses to accommodate the rising population. 

3. Speculation  

Kibiko has potential economic growth, especially with the improved transport network SGR included. This has attracted many investors that believe in the rewards of land speculation.

· Plots are readily available with title deeds

· The plots are affordable 

· The availability of underground water make it suitable for agriculture

· It is ideal for young families with school-going kids since several schools, such as kibiko primary and secondary schools, are close. 

· It has a good transport network.

· It is close to several attraction sites such as Ngong road forest sanctuary

· It is a peaceful neighborhood

Step by step guide for an online land search.

· Log onto the eCitizen portal and sign in if you have an account; if you don’t, sign up.

· Click on the ministry of land, housing, and urban link, then land search.

· Enter the title number, fill in the online form then submit.

· Confirm your details and move to payment.

· Once the payment is confirmed, results will be available in your account.

NB. You can conduct a land search from the land registry office Ngong.