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What you need to know about buying land in Kiamunyi, Nakuru

Kiamunyi is a posh and luxurious estate located about six kilometers from Nakuru town in Nakuru county. It is a residential area between the late former president Daniel Moi’s Kabarak home and the London estate.

Kiamunyi land for sale is classified according to the land tenure system. Here are the available land categories in Kiamunyi, Nakuru.

1. Freehold 

You will enjoy freehold land ownership if you purchase a plot in Kiamunyi, Nakuru. This is because the plots are sold with freehold title deeds.

2. Leasehold 

You can find plots on lease in most parts of Kiamunyi, Nakuru.

3. Customary 

Groups or organizations are allowed to own land in Kiamunyi, Nakuru. Examples are the Kiamunyi A.I.C church and the Kiamunyi Catholic churches.

4. Public 

There are several public spaces in Kiamunyi, Nakuru; an example is the Roret- Kiamunyi water project designed to supply the Kiamunyi areas with adequate water.


The price of a residential plot in Kiamunyi, Nakuru range from Ksh. 1.5 to Ksh. 1.8 million.

· Look for a trustworthy realtor selling plots in Kiamunyi, Nakuru.

· Choose a plot size and location which is in line with your preferences.

· Go for a site visit; it is an important step that helps you make a sound decision.

· Find out the rightful owner of the plot before purchase; it will help you avoid scammers.

· Find out if the land rates are fully paid; it will prevent buying a plot with substantial land arrears.

· Acquire land maps and ensure they match the actual plot size and surroundings.

· Send a purchase offer to the selling company if your findings satisfy you.

· Apply for consent for transfer once the selling company accepts your purchase offer.

· Make plans for payments

· Pay for the stamp of duty as the law demands

· Ensure the plot ownership changes hands. 

· Visionary commercial agencies 

· Alpats agencies

· Roughson realtors

· Faith M

· Jojean properties limited

Plots for sale in Kiamunyi, Nakuru is perfectly fit for;

1. Commercial use

Kiamunyi is an affluent residential area with potential for businesses such as beauty spas, restaurants, and clubs. If you construct a commercial building in this area, you can be sure of a significant rental income. 

2. Residential use

Kiamunyi, Nakuru is a highly sought-after residential area. You can build a family house or build a house for lease. 

3. Speculation purposes

Kiamunyi plots have high appreciation rates, which are ideal for speculation purposes. You can be sure of high capital returns if you purchase a plot here.

You can find any plot size for sale in Kiamunyi, Nakuru, starting from;

One acre, ½ acre, ¼ acre, 1/8 acre, 40*80, 50*80, etc. 

You can conduct a land search in person by visiting the land ministry and physical planning office in Nakuru and present the following;

· A copy of the title deed

· A certificate of KRA PIN

· A copy of the ID

· A copy of passport for foreigners

· Duly filled form 

NB: This process takes three working days.