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What you need to know about buying land in Kenyatta Road

Kenyatta Road is a fast-growing estate in Juja sub-county, Kiambu County, 44 kilometers from Nairobi via Thika Road.

It is 17 kilometers away from Juja town and 20 kilometers from Ruiru town.

Notable towns and trading centers nearby are: Muchatha, Ruiru, Juja, Kalimoni, Kimunyu, Ngenda and Gatundu

Freehold land is being sold and developed by real estate companies, but you can also buy the plots from the original owners.

Its location makes it a good option to consider, even if it’s for speculative reasons. Consider the following reasons:

1. Security. Due to its location, Kenyatta road is near the following police posts and stations: Ruiru Police Station, Juja Police Station, Gatundu Police Station and Salama Police Post

2. Proximity to good educational institutions. Examples are: Mama Ngina University, Precious Blood Primary School, Bristar Secondary School, Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology, Juja Preparatory School, Kalimoni Senior School, and, Petanns Driving School and Computer College

3. Access to good markets. These are:Gatundu, Juja and Ruiru

4. Accessibility. Apart from Kenyatta Road, other roads that pass through or near the estate are:

Gatundu-Kinare Road, Thika Superhighway and Thika Road

5. Serenity. It’s nestled in a quiet neighborhood with controlled development houses and individual homes for a neighborhood.

6. Access to entertainment joints

Examples are:Icon Gardens, Olive Green Resort, Ruiru Sports Club, Ruiru Golf Course ,Juja City Mall, and Titanic Resort to name a few.

7. Medical facilities; Gachororo Health CenterKalimoni Mission HospitalCarex Health LimitedJuja Modern Hospital and Maternity, Arise HospitalLifespan Medical Center, and RFH Medical Center

It is quite straightforward if you want to know the status of the plot you are about to purchase.

With a copy of the title deed, Kes 500, and your identification, visit the Ruiru land registry, or Thika registry, 28 kilometers away. Ask to fill out the ‘Application for search’ document.

It takes hours and up to a maximum of three days depending on the traffic. You will be issued with an official certificate that details whether the land exists and whether it belongs to the person selling it to you.

Plots in Kenyatta Road estate are mostly for residential purposes. It offers a form of tranquility from the hustle and bustle of Nairobi city.

Due to an increase in demand, interest in speculation is rife in the area.

Building and renting out maisonettes, bungalows, and homes are still viable investment options.

Expect t to find the following sizes when searching for plots:





Cost varies due to different factors.

A 25×50 has an asking price of between 700, 000 to 950, 000.

A 50 ×100 ft will start from 2 million to as high as 3 million.

For a 40 × 80, expect a quotation anywhere from 1.5 million to 3 million.

1. Check plots advertised by reputable firms, or sellers.

2. Book an appointment and visit the plot. This is to avoid buying non-existent land or one that’s not habitable.

3. Secure a copy of the original title for land search purposes. Ask for the Green Card at the land registry. It shows how many owners have possessed the land before.

4. Involve a professional lawyer to draft an agreement that will bind you and the vendor until the whole process is done.

5. Deposit less than a quarter of the going price with the lawyer. Take your time so that you have verified details about the land.

6. Acquire a consent form from the Land Control Board. It shows that the spouse of the vendor has agreed to the land being sold.

7. Visit Ardhi House and transfer details of the title to your name.

8. You can then wait for between 60 and 180 days before you check that the land now belongs to you.

For a start, consider the following:

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2. Lesedi Development Ltd

3. Mawega Investment

4. Excellent Choice Investment Ltd

5. The Property Boutique

6. Jayhenrys Holdings Limited

7. Zamir Consult