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What you need to know about buying land in Kenol, Thika

Kenol is a place located along Thika Road and is around 16 and 30 kms from Thika and Murang’a town respetively. It located in Murang’a County, but due to its proximity, it enjoys most privileges from Thika. You can find plots in Kenol town, Kabati, Kagaa and other surrounding areas.

Kenol plots are on freehold, thus buyers get absolute title deeds. 

Prices of plots in Kenol are affected by the same factors as other parts of the country. For instance, the plots in Kenol town cost more than the ones further away; their uses also change. For a commercial plot here, you will part with between 2.5 million-6 million shillings. Residential ones average at 1.5 million shillings or thereabout while speculative ones cost even less than one million.

1. Established companies have moved to sell plots in Kenol. Identify one and choose a piece from the available ones. Different clients have distinct preferences in terms of nearness to town, size, prices and other considerations.

2. Make a physical visit to the identified plot

3. If the plot meets your expectations proceed to do a land search in the land registry offices

4. Consult a surveyor to attain the relevant maps i.e. one for the exact plot and the other for surrounding plots

5. Engage a lawyer to draw an offer letter while the seller’s advocate prepares the sales agreement. The seller might require you to make a deposit before proceeding any further

6. Involve the Lands Control Board that allows the sale of land. You then clear with the National Lands Commission

7. As you effect the required payments, legally and for the plot the transfer process is initiated and completed as agreed

8. You can later confirm whether all the details read correctly

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Plots in Kenol are subdivided into half acre, quarter acre (100 by 100ft), 50 by 100ft, 40 by 90ft and 40 by 80ft. Sometimes, however, the sizes can be different due to the nature of the land on sale

1. Commercial development

Kenol has recently recorded immense growth thus attracting different businesses. You can buy a plot and build apartments or houses to host these businesses.

2. Residential use

Kenol is a perfect place to build your home; away from the busy city life but still close enough to the city’s fun.

3. Speculation

Once the expansion of the Kenol-Marwa dual carriage is completed, Kenol is expected to grow in leaps and bounds. Buying a plot here means that you will sell it later at quite a lucrative price later. The growth is already being felt. 

1. The plots’ prices are still affordable compared to other areas in such prime locations

2. There is high demand for houses in Kenol, both from business people and tenants looking to live here.

3. You can easily access towns like Thika, Murang’a, Nyeri, Juja, Ruiru and Nairobi from Kenol.

4. The expansion of the Kenol-Marwa dual carriage which is underway is increasing the potential of Kenol

The land search process is crucial and omitting this phase might cost you dearly. The land search for Kenol plots is still manual. Some plots require you to visit the Murang’a land registry while others use the one at Thika. The company you are acquiring the land from will advise you accordingly. Take with you copies of the plot’s title deed, national or work id and KRA pin. Upon paying a processing fee of five hundred shillings, fill three search forms that will be stamped together with the other documents. Your results should be ready for collection within three days after application. Use the retain land search copy to ask for the certificate of official land search.