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What you need to know about buying land in Kasarani

Kasarani is a residential area in Nairobi County located along the Nairobi – Thika highway. It is one of the Nairobi sub-counties situated 13 km on the northeastern part of CBD.

There are different land sizes available for purchase. The most common are 50 by 100 and 40 by 80 plots available in different parts of the country and specially developed areas. Away from the towns, you can buy land ranging from 1 acre to thousands of acres

Half an acre of a commercial plot in Kasarani costs between Ksh. 19.5 to thirty-six million shillings, while an equal size of the residential property will go for Ksh. 18 million.

· Seek help from an established real estate agency

· Select a plot that meets your set standards

· Take advantage of the site visits offered by the selling company to see the actual plot size and location.

· Research on its legal ownership by conducting a land search.

· Find out if the plot land rates are fully settled; if not, ensure they are paid before you can buy it.

· Find land maps that have the plot measurement and its surrounding environs.

· Identify a certified surveyor to help you see if the maps match the plot’s actual size.

· Supposing everything is okay, commence your purchase process by drafting a purchase offer.

· If your offer is accepted and a sale agreement letter is sent to you, request consent for transfer from the land commissioner. 

· Supposing consent for transfer is authorized by the land commission, proceed to your payment plans.

· Pay for the stamp of duty as required by law.

· Ensure the land ownership is changed at the land registry offices.

· Comrade homes care

· Biltmore limited

· Kakangu real estate agent limited

· Durian property consult limited

These are some of the plot sizes you can find in Kasarani.

One acre, half-acre, quarter-acre, eighth-acre, 50*80, 40*80, etc.

Kasarani plots for sale are ideal for;

1. Commercial purposes

There are plenty of economic opportunities available in Kasarani; the increasing population offers a good market and labor force for factories and companies. There is also an eternal need for commercial buildings as many people move to the area searching for business space.

2. Residential purpose 

Kasarani is a residential area that offers affordable housing to most Nairobi residents. People are relocating to this area daily, searching for a cheap settlement. Investors have found Kasarani one of the most profitable areas for residential investments in Nairobi.

3. Speculation purposes

If you are an expert in land speculation, you can bet that Kasarani plots are ideal for land speculation since they have a higher percentage of appreciation.

· Kasarani offers competitive rental rates and capital returns to people investing in residential properties.

· Kasarani is densely populated, ensuring that residential investors will never face a shortage of tenants.

· Most of the companies selling plots in Kasarani offer affordable and convenient payment plans.

· Kasarani has quality education facilities from within, such as the Kasarani group of schools, Murema public primary school, and MGA school Kasarani.

· The area has several public and private health facilities like the Kasarani health center, Nairobi city council clinic, radiant hospital, etc.

· Kasarani is adequately supplied with water from the Nairobi Water and sewerage company and the Juja – Ruiru water and sewerage company.

· All Kasarani plots are connected to electricity

· The presence of the Kasasrani police station helps to lower the rate of crime in the area.

Nairobi is going digital, and so is the land search process. Follow these steps to conduct an online land search.

· Log onto the eCitizen portal

· Select ministry of land and urban development

· Click on land search and fill in the form provided

· Confirm details and submit

· Go ahead with the required payment

· Your results will be accessible from your eCitizen account if the payments are confirmed.