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What you need to know about buying land in Karen

Karen is the most famous suburb area in Nairobi county, situated in the southwest part of the CBD. It is one of the Nairobi posh and wealthy neighborhoods located along Ngong road opposite KCB.

This is how land is categorized in Karen,

1. Freehold 

Karen plot owners enjoy freehold land ownership since the plots are sold with ready freehold title deeds.

2. Leasehold 

You can find plots for lease in Karen.

3. Customary 

Companies and societies have the freedom to own parcels of land in Karen; an example is a piece of land owned by Muchanga investment limited.

4. Public 

The government department, such as the National Health Insurance Fund, owns land parcels in Karen. 

An acre of commercial plot in Karen is going for Eighty million Kenya shillings, while an equal size of a residential plot goes for Ksh. 70 million.

· Find an ideal real estate company that sells plots in Karen.

· Take your time to see the plot before commencing your purchase.

· Start the land search process to identify the actual owner if it meets your standards.

· Find out if the land rates are paid

· Purchase land maps that have plot dimensions and their environs.

· Request a certified surveyor to check if the map details match the plot’s actual size.

· If you are satisfied with the findings, prepare a purchase offer.

· If the selling company accepts your offer for purchase, they will send you a letter of agreement for sale.

· Get authorization from the LCB 

· With the consent of transfer from LCB, you can proceed to payments

· Make stamp of duty payments

· Complete the process by ensuring that the plot details are legally changed to yours.

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Karen plots for sale come in different sizes, which include;

An acre, ½ acre, ¼ acre, 1/8 acre, etc.

Karen land use is unlimited, but here is some significant land uses.

1. Commercial 

Karen is located near the Nairobi CBD; it hosts many government and private facilities such as the NHIF, banks, insurance companies, etc. Karen plots are gold mines with a significant appreciation rate. Even if you have no business idea to establish in this area, thousands of people are looking for space to let.

2. Residential 

Karen is a posh and wealthy neighborhood housing high-income earners in society. You can build a family home or consider building homes for rent. 

· Karen is a calm neighborhood surrounded by forests such as Ngong sanctuary forest and Oloolua forest. This evergreen environment is the primary attraction for many wealthy people looking for a serene setting for settlement. 

· Karen has seen a significant infrastructure improvement; an example is a southern bypass and the expansion of the Ngong road. 

· Karen is close to several recreational facilities like the Bomas of Kenya, Karen country club, Karen Blixen museum, etc.

· Karen house high-class people looking for luxury, convenience, and exclusivity; building a single strang home in this area will yield significant returns from rent. 

· The relaxation of zoning regulations has led to commercial developments such as the Hub mall along Lang’ata road, which reduced shopping hassles for the Karen residents. 

· The relaxation of zoning regulations has also led to an increase in property value in Karen.

· Karen has the best schools from within, such as st Hannah’s primary school, Serare school, Waldorf Woodland school, etc. 

· Karen is slowly shifting from the old fashion of stand-alone bungalows to gated communities which help to increase security and lower the maintenance cost.

The land search process has been made digital in Nairobi; here is what the land search process looks like;

· Logon to your eCitizen account

· Go to the ministry of land and urban development and select the land search link

· Put the plot title deed number and fill in the online form provided.

· Cross-check details and submit the form

· Make the required payments

· Once your payment is confirmed, the results will be available on your account.