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What you need to know about buying land in Kamulu

 Kamulu is an area in Nairobi County close to the border between Nairobi County and Machakos county.

It is located along Kangundo road past Ruai just before Joska

The most common plots for sale in Kamulu are residential. Most of these are divided into gated communities of about 8 to 12 plots and are only waiting for water and electricity connections for them to be ready for occupation.

Commercial plots are also available in areas close to the main road or shopping centres. However, they are much harder to find.

Many people who buy plots in Kamulu also buy for speculation purposes, owing to the huge number of new settlements in the area. 

Kamulu is in Nairobi County. Land search in Nairobi County has been digitized. Here are the steps for doing a search.

  1. Visit e-citizen
  2. Go to the “Ministry of land and Planning “option and select the “Land search” option. 
  3. Provide the “Tittle Number” number, complete and confirm the search form 
  4. Make payment through your selected payment method
  5. After payments results should appear in your account ready for you to print 

There are number of reasons why plots in Kamulu are popular. 

  1. It is one of the few areas with affordable plots in Nairobi County. This makes it suitable for buyers on a budget or those buying for speculation purposes.
  2. It’s located about 30-40 minutes from CBD making it suitable for buyers who wish to build residential homes close to the CBD.
  3. Kamulu is accessible through a number of routes. You can use Eastern bypass or Kangundo road.
  4. While living in Kamulu, one has access to several schools, shopping centers and hospitals that have been attracted by the huge number of new settlements in the area.

 There are several plot sizes available for sale in Kamulu. Some of the most common ones are

40 by 80, 50 by 80, 50 by 100 (1/8th acre), ¼ acre plots etc

There are 5 steps to buying land in Kamulu

  1. Identify a reputable company that sells plots in Kamulu. Our marketplace has several such registered agents from who you can check out offers. Submit a request for suggestions on what is available. 
  2. If you identify a plot you like, contact the agents, plan a site visit, enquire their payment options, and how they transfer the plot ownership to you. 
  3. If you are comfortable with the answers above, do a land search to determine who is the owner of the land in question and if there are any charges attached to it. 
  4. If everything looks okay, find a credible lawyer to help with agreement and payment breakdown structuring. 
  5. As you complete payment, apply for the transfer of the Title deed to your name. This comes with costs such as stamp duty

Note: This is just a simple guide that leaves out a lot of details. Different companies have different procedures. Always, contact them for their process and if possible, seek legal counsel before proceeding.

There are many companies selling plots in Kamulu. The most popular ones are;

  • Fanaka
  • Denver
  • Daykio 
  • Mawega