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What you need to know about buying land in Kamakis, Ruiru

Kamakis is an estate within Ruiru Sub-county in Kiambu County. It is strategically located next to the 28-kilometerlong Eastern Bypass and 22 minutes from Nairobi CBD.

Towns and trading centers next to and near Kamakis are Kalimoni, Juja, Thika, and of course Ruiru town.

Plots in Kamakis are either:

1. Freehold, which is the most common category.

2. Community land, which is mostly owned by controlled development companies, and

3. Public land, which includes public institutions.

4. Leasehold, allows an investor to use the land for a period of time.

1. A 40 by 80 ft commercial plot starts at 4.5 million while the same size in a controlled development will start at between 2.5 and 3.5 million.

2. A 50 by 100ft commercial plot starts at 7.5 million, whereas a 100 by 100ft will start at a minimum of 13 million.

Even though you can find a 50 by 100ft starting from about 1.2 million, you have to consider the distance from the access roads and the Eastern Bypass.

Land in Kamakis sells like hotcakes because it’s near the Eastern Bypass. That is the main reason you should conduct due diligence as outlined below.

1. Ask a friend to accompany you for the site visit.

2. Check out the size, distance from the road, the neighborhood, and presence of beacons.

3. With a copy of the title deed, visit the Ruiru land registry and confirm the details.

4. When satisfied, your lawyer or the seller’s lawyer can draft a sales agreement. It will bind both of you to the transaction.

5. Pay an agreed amount to the lawyer and clear the remaining amount accordingly.

6. If you paid the whole amount, visit Ardhi House with all documents you have signed with the seller to transfer the plot to your name. Have your KRA pin certificate, consent form from the Land Control Board, and copy of your ID

7. Between 3 to 6 months after transferring the details, visit the Ruiru land registry to confirm that the details were captured.


2. Finsco Africa

3. Target Homes

4. Kare Verosa Realtors

5. Afrique Properties Limited

6. Trisums Investment Co. Ltd.

7. Jayhenrys Holdings Limited 

8. Tysons Limited

Plots in Kamakis, Ruiru, can be used for building residential houses. This is especially the case if you are purchasing it from a real estate company.

However, because of a large population that works either in Nairobi or Thika, apartments have a high return on investment.

You may also build business premises that can be rented out as shops, supermarkets, and even offices.

Lastly, you may just buy, and wait for land prices to go up before selling it.

The different plot sizes in Kamakis are quite affordable as compared to other estates within Ruiru.

Kamakis has good access roads and the Northern Bypass connects it to Nairobi.

As for educational institutions, Kamakis is located near:


•Zetech University-Ruiru

•Kenyatta University, and

•Nairobi Institute of Business Studies

•Ruiru East Primary School

•Viola Quality Academy 

A high student population estimated at a conservative figure of 75,000, guarantees high returns when you invest in rental houses.

Kamakis is also home to major banks like Sidian, NCBA, and Co-operative Bank.

Naivas Supermarket, QuickMart, and KFC Bypass have branches at Kamakis, underscoring how important the estate is as a commercial site.

Ruiru Sub County Market, Ruiru Sub County Hospital are not far from Kamakis.

Security is assured by Mugatha Police Post and Ruiru Police Station which are not more than 20 minutes away.

Kamakis is located just ten minutes from Ruiru town, where we have the land registry. To confirm whether the plot legitimately belongs to the seller, visit the land registry with a copy of the title deed and ksh 500.

It usually takes up to one day for the results to be ready. In extreme circumstances, it can go up to a day or a week.

You will be requested to fill out an official form with the correct information. When the search results are ready, you will be handed a stamped certificate showing the status of the land.