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What you need to know about buying land in Juja

Juja is a constituency in Kiambu County located between Thika and Ruiru town. It is situated about 30 km from the CBD under the Nairobi metropolitan authority.  

Land in Juja is categorized as follows;

1. Freehold 

Most plots for sale in Juja come with ready freehold title deeds.

2. Leasehold 

There are plots issued with leasehold titles in Juja; in the Juja phase1, plots have leasehold certificates.

3. Customary 

Groups can buy land parcels in Juja; an example is the Chai housing cooperative society that bought fifty acres of land in Juja. The land was divided amongst the members on leasehold titles.

4. Public 

There are several public lands in Juja, e.g., the Juja police station is built on a public space, but most of them do not have title deeds. As a result, most public land has been grabbed and registered as personal property.

The prices for residential plots range from Ksh. 0.6 to Ksh. 0.9 million per quarter acre. A commercial 50*100 plot in Juja town range from Ksh. 6 million or more. 

Ø Identify a reputable realtor company in Juja and choose a plot that favors your desires, such as location, size, and price

Ø Conduct a site visit; some companies offer free transport for site visits

Ø Conduct a land search with land registry offices to confirm the plot ownership 

Ø Conduct another search with the Kiambu County government to check pending land rates

Ø Buy two maps, one showing the plot measurements and the other one showing the neighborhood

Ø Hire a certified surveyor to conduct a site visit and confirm the map’s details

Ø Let your lawyer prepare a purchase offer and price negotiation

Ø The seller advocate should provide you with a sale agreement

Ø Get a clearance certificate from the land control board

Ø Proceed to payment

Ø Collect a consent of transfer from your seller advocate

Ø Pay for stump duty

Ø Check with the land ministry to confirm plot details.

Here are but a few realtor companies that sell plots in Juja;

Ø Username investment limited

Ø Halifax estate agency

Ø Juja Plainview estate

Ø Gap bridge properties

Ø Will gold real estate

The common plots sizes available in Juja include;

100*100, 50*100, 50*80, 40*80, and 40*60.

Once you buy a plot in Juja, you can use it for;

1. Commercial purposes

Juja is one of the satellite towns of Nairobi and the best in real estate value. In recent years, it has been experiencing rapid population growth, with most people working in Nairobi CBD, Thika town, and other nearby areas living here. This rising population makes the place fit for commercial purposes.

2. Residential purposes 

The proximity to major urban centers such as Nairobi, Thika, and Ruiru make Juja a perfect residential area for people working in these areas. You can be sure of a good flow of tenants once you build residential houses in Juja. 

3. Speculation 

A place like Juja farm, Athi is best for land speculation; it has the potential for residential development or family homes. You can also resell the plots in the future at a higher price.

Check out why you should consider investing in Juja?

Ø The plots are relatively affordable

Ø The area is well connected with electricity

Ø Juja has a good supply of freshwater

Ø It has many service hubs such as health centers, banks, insurance companies, etc. 

Ø Its proximity to Nairobi makes it a perfect residential area.

Ø It offers housing facilities to many students studying at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agricultural and other technical institutions.

Ø Plots in Juja require minimal maintenance 

Ø Juja has more than forty elementary schools, making it ideal for young families with school-going kids.

Present the following documents to Ruiru land registry offices;

Ø Two copies of the title deed of the plot you want to buy

Ø Your KRA pin

Ø A copy of your ID card