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What you need to know about buying land in Juja Farm

Juja farm is a fast-growing town in Kiambu County; it is situated in Juja shopping center about 10 km from Juja town and about 34 km from the Nairobi central business district.

Juja farm is classified as follows;

1. Freehold 

Most real estate companies selling plots in Juja Farm have ready freehold title deeds. 

2. Leasehold

Plots for rent are available in Juja Farm.

3. Customary 

Groups or organizations are free to own land in Juja Farm.

4. Public 

The central government of Kenya or the county government of Kiambu can acquire land in Juja Farm for public developments such as expanding roads, sewer lines, dumping sites, etc.

Their distance from the tarmac road determines the plot prices on Juja Farm. A 50*100 plot located about 2 km from the Juja shopping center is going for Ksh. 400,000, while those located a few minutes from the Juja farm shopping center go for 800,000 or more.

· Find a genuine real estate agent that deals with plots for sale in Juja Farm.

· Identity a piece of land that satisfies your desires

· Investigate the title deed to avoid chances of being conned

· Perform another investigation at the county government office to ensure the land rates have been paid.

· Purchase land maps that show the plot measurement and its surroundings.

· Let a licensed surveyor confirm the map details by comparing them with the actual plot measurements.

· Once you are confident that everything is perfect, send a letter of offer for purchase to the seller.

· If your purchase offer is accepted, you will receive a sale agreement letter from the seller

· Once you receive a sale agreement offer, move to the land commissioner’s office to seek authorization.

· Suppose you receive consent for transfer; go ahead with your payment plans.

· Make payment for stamp duty

· Confirm with the land registry that the plot is transferred to you.

These are a few companies with plots for sale in Juja Farm.

· El- Shaddai homes

· Hold Kenya investments

· Joga limited

· Kenya real homes

· Ivy properties

· Estate hub limited

You can buy any plot size in Juja Farm starting from 40* 80, 50*80, 50*100, 100*100, etc.

Once you purchase a piece of land in Juja Farm, it can be useful for;

· Commercial purposes

Juja Farm has been facing rapid population growth since people started investing here, and as a result, there is a demand for commercial housing. Plots located along roads or busy streets are ideal for commercial purposes.

· Residential purposes 

Juja Farm is located away from noise and congestion, and the plots are set up in gated communities that ensure maximum security. Therefore, the area is ideal for building a family house or erecting a residential building.

· Speculation 

It would be best to buy a plot in Juja farm for speculation purposes now that they are affordable. 

· The plots are relatively affordable and come with ready title deeds.

· Juja farm is accessible through Thika highway, Juja farm road, and other weather roads.

· The plots are mostly in gated communities that ensure the highest levels of security.

· Juja farm plots need little or no maintenance

· Water and electricity are available

· Juja plots offer great chances of appreciation.

· Juja Farm is close to Nairobi and an ideal residential area for CBD workers.

· Juja residents do not need to go to Juja town for shopping and other services; Juja city mall and other institutions such as banks are well established within Juja farm.

· It has local and international schools within its locality hence convenient for school-going children.

The easiest way to do a land search for Juja Farm plots is by presenting these documents to the land registry offices in Ruiru town.

· Two copies of the plot’s title deed

· Buyers KRA pin

· Buyers photocopy of identity card.