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What you need to know about buying land in Joska

Joska is a place in Machakos County, located along Kangundo road, 1.8km before Malaa town and approximately 3km from Kamulu. 

There are numerous plot sizes available for sale in this area. 

These sizes include 40 by 80, 50 by 100 (1/8 acre),1/4 acre and ½ acre plots.

Land search in Joska is still manual. 

1. Visit the Machakos land registry

2. Fill out the land search form with a copy of the Title Deed and National ID. 

3. Make any required payment and wait 24-48 hours for a report to confirm if indeed the plot belongs to the seller and if any charges have been attached to it. 

Buying a plot in Joska is akin to buying plots in most places. This process can be broken down into nine steps. These steps are as follows.

1. Identification of Plot.

This is the first step in the plot purchase process. A buyer evaluates all the plots available for sale in Joska and chooses one based on a number of factors. Such factors can be price, size, proximity to the main roads and existence of settlement for security reasons. Once one is happy with their choice, the next assessment would be the credibility of the seller and plot documents held by the seller. 

2. Search at the Ministry of Lands.

 Conduct a land search at the land registry in Machakos. 

3. Search at the County office.

This step aims to unearth any unpaid land rates which should be factored into the purchase price at the Machakos county offices. 

4. Obtaining Land maps.

Obtain a copy of the updated land map, drawn to scale to confirm the record of the existing parcel in the ministry of lands. 

5. Ground verification.

Using the two maps one can visit the land together with the seller for verification.

6. The sale agreement.

This is often drawn by the seller’s lawyer. The buyer should also have a lawyer to represent him/her in the signing of the agreement.

7. Consent of land transfer from Land Control Board. (LCB)

Obtain consent from the Land Control Board which is responsible for ensuring that all the land transfers are done with transparency.

8. Payment of stamp duty.

Here the buyer applies for plot valuation by a government valuer at the land registry. He or she pays a stamp duty of 4% of the property valuation to the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).

Note: This valuation could change. Kindly confirm the existing rate from the relevant authorities.

9)Post Purchase

This is the last step. This involves confirming that the property indeed bears your name through the issuance of a Title Deed in the buyer’s name. 

There are two categories of plots in Joska – residential and commercial. Being a developing town, most of the common plots available for sale are residential. Such plots are attractive to people who want to build their homes in the outskirts of Nairobi town. Unlike, plots in the neighbouring Kamulu, these plots are more affordable and readily available. 


Since plots in Kamulu are increasingly becoming rare and expensive, real estate companies and buyers are shifting to Joska plots as an alternative. 


Commercial plots are mostly those along Kangundo road and a few others touching the feeder roads. These are not very common.


The price ranges for plots in this area is Ksh 300k to Ksh.1M for a 50 by 100 plot depending on how far it is from Kangundo road. 


The prices of plots in Joska have been on a steady increase making them suitable for buyers buying for speculation purposes. 

1. Though in Machakos County, Joska borders Nairobi County marking it alternative to people who cannot afford plots in Nairobi County.

2. It’s located about 40-50 minutes from CBD making it a good fit for buyers who wish to build residential homes close to the CBD.

3. Like Kamulu, Joska is accessible through a number of routes. You can use Eastern bypass or Kangundo road.

For parents looking for schools for their children, Joska avails access to several reputable schools, shopping centers and hospitals 

The most common companies selling plots in Joska are;

  • Denver
  • Fanaka Real Estate Company
  • Username investment Company