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What you need to know about buying land in Isinya

Isinya is one of the fastest-growing towns in Kajiado county, situated near Athi river town, about 58 km southern part of Nairobi. It is an agricultural spot with several companies, e.g., Isinya feed limited, Isinya group, Latia agribusiness solutions, etc.

Isinya plots are classified as;

1. Freehold 

Companies selling plots in Isinya have ready freehold title deeds for the plots, giving the buyer indefinite ownership.

2. Leasehold 

Some plot owners opt to lease out their plots to other people for a specific period.

3. Customary 

Organizations and companies own parcels of land in Isinya; examples are the Olturoto children’s village, Nes poly pack, Isinya feeds limited, etc.

4. Public 

Isinya has several facilities sitting on publicly-owned parcels of land; examples are the Isinya health center and other government institutions located in that area.

The plot prices are highly determined by the distance from the tarmac road, with a residential plot of 50*100 going for over Ksh. 350,000. An acre of commercial plots located along Nairobi- Namanga road going for Ksh. 1.71 million. 

· Look for a good realtor company that sells land in Isinya

· Take advantage of site visits to see the actual location of the plot.

· If you like it, research its legal ownership by performing a land search as provided by law.

· Check with the county government to ensure that the land rates are fully paid.

· acquire land maps that show the plot dimensions and its surrounding.

· Allow a surveyor compare the map details with the real plot.

· Start the buying process by preparing a purchase offer

· If the selling company invites you to buy the plot, apply for consent for transfer from the land commission.

· Once the transfer is authorized, you can commence the payment process

· Pay for the stamp duty as required by law

· Landmark top solutions

· Josmo agencies limited

· Comfort homes

· Tysons limited

· Simkar group limited

There is no limit on the plot sizes available for sale in Isinya; the plot sizes start from an acre, 0.5 acres, 0.25 acre, 0.125 acres, 40*80, 50*80, etc.

Isinya land is best for the following uses;

1. Commercial use

Isinya hosts several companies such as the ASP company limited, Zenith steel fabricators, Masai cable factory, Coca-Cola distributors, etc. this means the Isinya areas are hot spots for commercial activities. 

2. Residential use

The presence of manufacturing factories and other companies in Isinya means a high population of company workers that need residential housing. Building residential apartments in this area have a likelihood of high returns.

3. Speculation

Isinya land is yet to be fully occupied, and the plot prices are relatively low. Since the Isinya area has the potential for economic growth, buying a plot for speculation will yield significant future returns.

· Isinya is strategically situated between Kitengela and Kajiado, and it is accessible via the southern bypass and the Isinya pipeline road.

· Isinya has an existing supply of water and electricity

· It is also near significant developments such as the upcoming Konza city and Kitili bamboo farm.

· The plot prices are friendly, with a 50*100 plot going for as low as Ksh. 350k.

· The area hosts educational facilities such as the UMA and EAST universities. 

· The plot prices are expected to go high as Konza city moves towards completion.

· Isinya is ideal for residential investments to house the people working in the factories in Isinya. 

· Isinya is a perfect spot for commercial activities since it is well established.

· This former grazing land is fit for family and holiday homes.

If you buy a plot in Isinya, you must conduct a land search by presenting the following documents to a land registry office in Kajiado town. 

Two copies of the plots title deed

A copy of your national ID