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What you need to know about buying land in Garden Estate, Nairobi

Garden estate is located in Ridgeways at Roysambu sub-county of Nairobi county, around 8km from the CBD. The neighborhood consists of bungalows and lovely apartments housing middle and high-income earners. 

Land categories available for sale include;

1. Freehold 

Realtor companies selling plots in garden estate Nairobi have a freehold title deed to give to their buyer upon purchase.

2. Leasehold 

Some real estate companies or plot owners opt to give out their land on leasehold for an agreed period renewable upon expiry.

3. Customary 

Churches and private organizations are free to invest in garden estate plots for sale.

4. Public 

Government bodies such as the ministry of education can obtain parcels of land in the garden estate to develop public institutions such as the Garden estate primary school.

Half an acre of residential plot in garden estate Nairobi goes for Ksh. 49M. an equal size commercial plot is going for over Ksh. 116.7M.

· Work with a trusted real estate agent to help find an ideal plot

· Take your time to investigate the plot ownership; you will need to conduct a land search at this stage.

· Avoid buying a plot with land arrears; you will have to confirm that all land dues are settled with the county government of Nairobi.

· Get maps that show the plot and its surrounding as it appears on the ground. You will require surveyor services to help you confirm the map details.

· If the findings are accurate, send a purchase offer to the company you are working with, you can also negotiate the price.

· Ensure that the land commission authorizes the land sale by applying for transfer consent. 

· Go ahead with the payment process

· Pay for the stamp of duty

· Makaoplus properties limited

· Mawega properties

· Osoit II garden

· AMG realtor limited

Plot sizes available for sale in garden estate Nairobi start from 1 acre, ½ acre, ¼ acre, 1/8 acre, etc.

  • Buyers investing in garden estate plots for sale can use their properties for;

    1. Commercial purposes

    Garden estate is a prestigious neighborhood strategically located in busy parts of Nairobi. Economic activities are endless in this area, making it attractive for all types of investors. 

    2. Residentialtial purposes

    Garden estate offers a lifestyle residency with unique and classy bungalows and apartments. People who value class, privacy, serenity, and security find their way to the garden estate in Nairobi. 

    3. Speculation purposes

    There are vacant plots for sale in garden estate Nairobi. If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful environment to build your family house, then look no further; garden estate Nairobi is a perfect place to buy and develop later when you are ready

  • · Perimeter walls surround the plots to enhance security levels. 

    · Garden estate offers a tranquil environment that is perfect for a family home.

    · The estate offers high-class utilities such swimming pool, free Wi-Fi

    · Garden estate Nairobi is close to Garden city mall, which offers customers a world-class shopping experience.

    · For those looking for spacious office space, you can easily access garden city offices while living in the garden estate, Nairobi.

    · Garden estate has a freshwater supply from the Nairobi Water and Sewerage company.

    · The presence of gated communities aided by nearby Thome police posts ensures high-security levels.

    · The gated communities also offer safe playgrounds to kids

    · Garden estate Nairobi is one of the wealthy neighborhoods of Nairobi that hardly suffer from power blackouts, and if they do, they have standby backup generators.

    · The area has the best schools from within, such as the Garden estate academy primary school.

  • Nairobi has an online land search option that goes as follows;

    · Log onto your eCitizen account

    · Go to the ministry of land and urban planning and click on land search

    · Enter the title numbers, fill in the provided form, confirm, and submit.

    · Proceed to payment as required

    · You can download the result once the payment is confirmed