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What you need to know about buying land in Gachororo, Juja

Gachororo is a busy trading center in Juja, Kiambu County, 45 minutes from Nairobi via Thika road.

It is also close to Tatu City, Ruiru, and Thika road.

Land in Gachororo, Juja is freehold. It is yours forever once you purchase it.

Public land also exists, that’s why you should exercise due diligence by conducting a search at the land offices before making a purchase.

•Single rooms: between 4000-4500.

•One-bedroom: about 10,000

•Three-bedroom: at least 45,000

•Shops: Between 3500-4000, depending on the size.

Gachororo, is a cosmopolitan area with a very large population. Setting up a business will guarantee profit all year round.

The trading center has a good road network. Juja-Gachororo road is well tarmacked and the Thika Superhighway is within sight. It is thus accessible to most towns including Ruiru, Thika, Kiambu, etc.

Presence of Gachororo Secondary, St Paul Gachororo, Jomo Kenyatta University, makes it attractive for those looking for education institutions.

Gachororo Health Center and Jkuat Hospital guarantee the medical needs of residents.

Gachororo is the most viable location to set up bedsitters, mansions, hostels, and even apartments because of its large population.

You can either visit Ruiru or Thika, depending on which is near or convenient to you. The process is as outlined below:

1. Pay ksh 500 to acquire the correct form.

2. Fill out the details of the plot, including its location, and the title number.

3. Wait for about half a day, or the whole day, depending on how the human traffic is.

4. The results will show the status of the land.

The maximum plot size is 100×100ft, while the smallest submissions are 40×60ft40×80ft, and 50×100ft.

The land in Gachororo is zoned as commercial. This means investors are free to put up shops and apartments for renting out.

And though you can build your residence, it is not advisable due to overcrowding brought about by numerous apartments. The best you can do is to rent out your house.

Depending on whether the seller is a real estate establishment or an individual owner, you will pay not less than a million for the smallest subdivision.

The quotations quotations are as follows:

•40×60ft starts from 1 million

40×80 starts from 1.5 million

50×100ft starts from 2 million

•100×100 starts from between 5 and 5.5 million

Take note that any parcel of land near Thika Superhighway can fetch as much as 17 million for a 50×100ft.

1. Locate the owner or a real estate company.

2. Ask to see the plot and check for beacons.

3. Visit either Ruiru or Thika land offices with a title deed copy for the land search.

4. Ask for a Green Pass at the land registry. It shows how the parcel has exchanged hands since 1963 to date.

5. If you are satisfied, find a reputable law firm to draw a sales agreement for you.

6. Deposit 10% of the plot value with them.

7. Transfer the title to your name when you are done purchasing the plot.

8.Check after about 6 months at the land office to confirm whether the transfer was done.

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