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What you need to know about buying land in Embakasi

Embakasi is within Nairobi County, located about 16 km in the eastern part of the CBD. It is 

among the rapidly-growing areas of Nairobi that houses a high population of middle and low-income earners.

Plots in Embakasi fall under the following categories;

1. Freehold 

The government issued title deeds to landowners in Embakasi, which means the plot comes with ready freehold title deeds.

2. Leasehold 

There are plots for lease in Embakasi.

3. Customary 

Groups are at liberty to own parcels of land in Embakasi; examples are plots owned by churches. 

4. Public 

The government can own land in different parts of Embakasi, e.g., public health centers, public schools, and police barracks. All these government facilities are sitting on public ground.

30*60 commercial plot in areas like Tassia is going for Ksh. 7 million, while 60*60 residential plot in Soweto goes for Ksh. 2.8 million. The prices are higher in prime areas like Utawala.

Identify a convenient area where you would like to buy a plot, e.g., pipeline, Kayole, Utawala, etc. 

1. Identify a company that sells plots in your chosen location 

2. Choose a parcel of land that pleases you 

3. Visit the plot location 

4. If the plot meets your desires, inspect the land title to be sure of the valid owner. 

5. Perform a second inspection at the Nairobi county government to see if the plot has arrears. 

6. Purchase a land scale and the surrounding maps  

7. Hire a licensed surveyor to check if the map details match the plot. 

7. Ask your lawyer to get ready with a purchase offer. 

8. Suppose your offer is accepted, a sale agreement letter will be sent to you by the seller’s advocate. 

9. Seek authorization for transfer from the land commissioner. 

10. Make plans for payment 

11. Proceed to pay for the stump of duty 

12. Ensure the land registry transferred the plot ownership to you.

Companies that sell plots in Embakasi include;

· Username investment

· Fanaka real estate company

· Optiven group limited

· Villa care limited

Plots sizes available in Embakasi include;

30*60, 30*90, 40*50, 40*80, 50*80, 50*100, 100*100, ½ acre, one acre etc.

Plots in Embakasi are perfect for,

1. Commercial purposes

Embakasi is home to millions of Nairobi residents who need essential services such as shopping malls, health facilities, schools, etc. This area has the highest flow of customers, making it ideal for commercial investments.

2. Residential purposes

Embakasi is one of the Nairobi areas with the highest population. Areas like Kayole, Soweto, Dandora, and such regions hold many low-income earners. Then there is Utawala and related areas that house the middle class. In short, the whole Embakasi area is perfect for residential investment.

3. Speculation 

Buying land in Embakasi for speculation purposes is an excellent idea; you can use it for business opportunities that do not need building, e.g., parking lot.

Embakasis’s high population is suitable for businesses 

1. The plots prices are pocket friendly 

2. The area has a perfect electricity connection 

3. There is a good supply of water from the Nairobi water company 

4. You can consider drilling your borehole  

5. Embakasi has a perfect road network, e.g., Jogoo road, Outer ring road, Eastern bypass, 


6. Embakasi has many public and private schools 

7. It has many police posts for security purposes 

8. Embakasi has many public health centers offering free services to the residents 

9. It is close to the central business district hence a residential area

The Nairobi county government introduced online land search to fasten the process and reduce congestion in public offices. Here is a guide to online land search. 

1. Log into the eCitizen platform and create an account 

2. Click on the ministry of land and physical planning, select land search 

3. Enter the title deed number and complete the provided form 

4. Verify details and submit the form 

5. Go ahead with the payment 

6.Your result will be ready for printing once your payments are confirmed.